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Itching Ears
Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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Tips for Bully Victims | Video | Orlando Christian Child Teen Counselor

Tips for Bully Victims | Orlando Christian Child Teen Counselor | Fly Under the Bully Radar Video
Students can be so mean and insensitive and often bully because of their own insecurities or lack of control in their homes. So how does a parent know if their child is at risk for being a target by bullies? They may act different, lack self-confidence, be a loner, react easily when teased, get angry or cry easily, lack athletic ability, put a lot of emphasis on their academics and make other's feel stupid, lack social skills, lack personal hygiene, etc.
Kids that are on the bully radar often have a target on their head and bullies gravitate to them. There are some common things bullies look for that help them single out someone that looks weaker than they are and often alone. So what can parents do to help their kids get off or stay off the bullies radar.
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