Wheelchairs Offer Freedom for Moroccan Residents

Something as simple as a wheelchair makes a significant difference in the quality of life. In developing countries like Morocco, people with physical disabilities face many challenges dealing with everyday life. Not only do their families need to help them with medical issues, but some people may also suffer from isolation, not being able to get around the village, or getting out of bed.

A 16-year-old girl has cerebral palsy and is confined to her home unless her family members carry her out. Previously, she had her own wheelchair but it broke due to the rugged terrain surrounding her village. Her older sister carried her on her back to the distribution site so she could get a new wheelchair. Louban was delighted when she sat in her new wheelchair for the first time.

Free Wheelchair Mission contacted Operation Blessing to help coordinate the effort to ship the chairs to Morocco. Together with Gateway Medical Alliance, a humanitarian medical relief and development program for Morocco, 550 wheelchairs were distributed to area residents. In 2007, OBI helped distribute more than 1,300 wheelchairs to people in need around the world.

HOW YOU CAN HELP - With your financial gift, you can take part in bringing life-changing health care and medicine to those who cannot afford it or have limited access to such resources.

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