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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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What Does the Fox and Phari-say? (Parody of “What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis) If you enjoy musical parodies, you might be interested in Larry’s “best of” CD which contains more than 10 parodies he has written & recorded. It has 18 total songs & is called “THE BEST OF LARRY BUBB PLUS 17 BONUS TRACKS.” It is available for purchase at the website: … For more on the video, hit "show more."

If you were touched by the videos reminder that literally thousands of children die every day from hunger related diseases, please consider contacting a reliable/reputable non-profit like COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL to move you from the category of CRITICAL PHARISEE to COMPASSIONATE human. My wife & I have had the pleasure & privilege to support/provide food/correspond with 7 children over the last 31 years through Compassion International.

If you were touched to the point of realizing you might want a speaker or singer who is “touched” & just “off” enough to perform at your next GROUND HOG’S DAY BANQUET (or are pondering “What does the Ground Hog say?”) … Larry is available for rallies, concerts, guest preaching, conferences, evangelism events, schools, training, retreats, baby showers, & Ground Hog Day Banquets.

I want to profusely thank the “cheerful few” who regularly support Larry Bubb Ministries (non-profit) to allow me to spend some 200 hours producing, filming, recording, editing, captioning, & then syncing up over 400 pieces to this video “jigsaw” puzzle.
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