Jesus Christ taught me this song in my dream to stop worrying and start praising for victory

Jesus came in my dream and explained to me how to quit worrying and then to reinforce His instruction, He taught me a song. The Words of the Song changed my life for ever! Here it is" "Worship Him and Praise Him and it shall be well with you. Seek His Kingdom first it shall be added unto you. Glorify and worship Him for He is night to you. He has gone before you and He's lived your life for you. Do the sparrows sow and reap. Do the flowers toil and spin. Do the angels walk around with faces in dismay. Let the heavenly choir sing Unto Him our praises ring He is over everything for He's the King of Kings. He is God He is Lord He's the one who always meets our every need. With the finest of the wheat and with honey from the Rock He is always sure to meet our every need. When we look unto His Face We are transformed by His Grace We will mount like eagles and we'll fly like cherubims We will rise up like the Sun and we'll bear the victor's crown battle is already won by God's own precious Son. Visit for more inspirational gospel christianity bible inspiration songs and video sermons bible studies salvation healing faith encouragement and overcoming temptation. Jesus Christ our God Almighty goes before us in 2014 and beyond. He has gone before us in Time, Space-Distance and Spiritual Dimension (4th Dimension) far into eternity. He is our God, our Shepherd, our Savior, our Provider, Our Deliverer, and Prince of Peace. Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shamma, Jehovah Shalom

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