Today's Devotional

Hidden Sins
How have you been trying to deal with your sin?

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Breaking Prophecy News; Is Wrath the Destiny of the Church? (The Prophet Daniel's Report #45)

Signs of His Coming: Christian actor Kirk Cameron and Christian commentator Roland Martin suffer tremendous backlash over simply stating their disagreement with the abomination of homosexuality | Pastor Chuck Smith says the end times hold a bright outlook for the church | A series of earthquakes strike various places around the globe | There are increasing signs that America is becoming a heartless nation

Today, we are at part 6 of our series titled "The Church and the Tribulation" from John MacArthur's book "The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ." Our subject for today is titled "Is Wrath the Destiny of the Church? ".

Action Point: God wants us to engage successfully in spiritual warfare in the last days. In light of that, our topic for today is titled What is "the lust of the flesh"?

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