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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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The You Are Project

Every young woman in this movie clip wrote the script. Their 'words' are theirs. Their struggle is real. Their insecurity is real. Their HOPE in God is real. They exposed their hearts so that every young woman who watches this is given permission to know that; vulnerability is the true measure of courage (Brene Brown); God can define who they are and not society. "You Are' is a God inspired conference for teenage girls to help them uncover their identity in God. Often young women define themselves by what media says they are and because it sets a standard of beauty that is out of their reach, they don't feel they measure up. Equally, society often sends the message that external beauty makes them more valuable so again, they get the get the strong message; "I am not enough." God says "YOU ARE.. precious, loved, empowered, created for a purpose. His definition of beauty is different. EVERY young woman is unique. Inspired by the studies of Brene Brown around shame and vulnerability, the Self Worth project and the word of God which speaks TRUTH and LIFE for our young women.

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