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What do you value most about your relationship with Jesus?

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Sacred Flesh: Memoirs of a Modern Concubine by Vicky Lee
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This is the true story of a 13 year old child who has a profound vision in the middle of the night to become a preacher. She graduates U.C. Berkeley at age 20 with honors bent on entering Harvard Divinity as the next female Asian "Malcolm X." Then, her father is diagnosed with cancer. Her divine gift, her ability to "pray" fails her and he dies. Disillusioned, she becomes the protégé of an elite pimp who enchants her by offering her the education, tools, and training to become one of the highest paid call-girls in San Francisco. Longing to feel holy again, she cannot resist touching the spiritual wounds of her clients and eventually, chooses to use her power to heal rather than to destroy.

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