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He Will Supply
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Orlando Christian Counseling on Movie Theatre Shooting

All of us have been annoyed by people texting at the theatre, or talking on the phone during a movie, but may Americans are asking themselves how could a man could shoot another over texting?

What could trigger a man to take someone's life in a movie theater over being bothered by texting?
As a society we have been dealing with road rage for decades but could there be a new phenomenon called texting or technology rage?

7 Tips to Express your Boundaries

When you identify the need to set a boundary, do it clearly, calmly, firmly, respectfully. Do not justify, get angry, or apologize for the boundary you are setting.

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Author: Dana West, MSW, LCSW is an Orlando Marriage Counselor & Addictions, Sexual Abuse Trauma Therapist with Total Life Counseling Center with offices in Southwest Orlando, East Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary & Clermont Florida. Total Life Counseling Center specializes in helping victims of bullying and our experts can be reached at (407) 248-0030.

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