The Chains That Bind - Fisher of Men

This world is filled with people who are in bondage. The past hurts and sinful ways place us in chains. Many are slaves to addiction. Many do not see themselves worthy. Tears have fallen. Dreams have been shattered. Then one day we meet a man, the personification of God, and leave these things far behind... or do we? How many are captive to this new system of behavior modification and self justification? How many trade in one set of chains for another? How many are captive to religious bondage that keeps them from experiencing the fullness in Christ? If you are a captive, if you are weary of this system of behavior modification, I have good news for you! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Jesus came so that we may experience life to the full.

First we must understand the problem, then the solution. In this 2 part series, "The Chains That Bind" and "The Distorted Mirror" you are sure to receive insights you never understood before. Consider it a blessing from the heart of God. For you are no longer slaves, but sons and daughters!

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