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Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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Spiritual Mandate of Black Majority Churches in the UK

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The United Kingdom is in spiritual decline.The established Church has lost its way and in many ways is apostate in its dcoctrines and beliefs. Those Churches which are faithful to God and His Word in the UK need help and support of Christians worldwide to help restablish Christianity the United Kingdom. God has called many peoples from other nations who are the "spiritual children" of the United Kingdom to come and help[ revitalise Christianity in the UK.The largest growing Churches in the United Kingdom today are Black majority Churches. However few of them understand this spiritual mandate. In this video Austin discusses the spiritual mandate of Black Majority Churches and encourages them to take responsibility to evangelise the United Kingdom..

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