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Making Plans
What plans are you working on today?

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First I want to establish that sickness is not a work of God and that IT IS GOD'S WILL TO HEAL his children. Evidence of this are:

- THERE WAS NO SICKNESS IN THE BEGINNING OF CREATION: When God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden there was no disease in them, there was no sickness or infirmity; if it was God's will for men to be sick there would have been sickness in the Garden of Eden, but there was none. Sickness came after the sin of Adam, after his disobedience. Sickness is the work of the devil. The devil is the author of sicknesses and diseases. The devil is the spirit of sickness and disease. The devil makes people sick and torment them. The devil is the one causing disturbance in God's creation, causing distresses, causing infirmities, handicaps, difformities, making people lame, distorting limbs, causing limbs to be missing, inforcing or empowering viruses and bacterias to destroy man's body.

- COVENANT OF HEALING: God's covenant with his servant Abraham and his seed Israel was a covenant of healing, in this covenant he promised to HEAL all their diseases and infirmities, he promised them healing and HE DID HEAL them. Now that we are in covenant with God through faith in the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, we have similar and even better COVENANT, a covenant of healing, in which God promises to heal us now, God similarly committed to heal us.

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