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HUMMINGBIRD VIDEO TRAILER - Behavior Music Documentary Antics Slow Motion

On the New Mexico, Colorado, border in the United States is a
beautiful area called "Raton Pass," at the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It is home to deer, elk, bear, mountain lions, coyotes ... and a variety of hummingbirds that
make their Summer home here year after year.
In this video you will get to know these different types of hummers and some of their antics which have singled them out as one of the most amazing birds of all time!

Filmed with Bartlett Mesa and Railroad Canyon often as backdrops and with original music, this video proves to be one that will be enjoyed over and over again ... all year long.

Runtime: 33 minutes

Produced by Cathy Friedlander ... Christian videographer, musician, and computer editor authoring over 22 videos and 10 cds.

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