Lord, Is It I? (Video Jam)

Where are the great miracles and movement of God today? God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God shows no partiality. In any nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness will be accepted by Him. Why do we not see great revival? The modern Church has lost its testimony. Secular humanism has polluted the world and the Church. The philosophy of man has put limits upon the Church. Religion has become an exterior shell. The lives of many in the Church are no longer consecrated to Christ. How can we and the culture around us change? We must first examine our own hearts. Unless the Church has Truth in its members it cannot bring Truth beyond its four walls. Truth must be in us or the Church cannot overcome the world! The Church of today is sinking in the sin of this world! The majority of the Church is outside of the Truth and living in disobedience. You cannot be excited about the world and be bored by Church! We must be pure before God! We must pray create in me a pure heart. Before there is revival there must be judgment against sin in our own hearts. Consecration shows God’s greatness. Sin has to go. Are we ready? True consecration brings boldness and spiritual triumph to the body of Christ. In order for the Church to rise above the culture around us it must be consecrated. We must ask, Lord is it I? Before revival there must be judgment against sin in our own hearts!
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