Isaiah 35-8,9

The High way of Holiness

Where the undefiled shall not come. even a fool will not go astray.
No lions will be there nor any ravenous beasts only the redeemed shall go in it.

Rom 6:22
1. Having been set free from sin,
2. becoming the slaves of God having the fruit to Holiness
3. and the end eternal life
Having been set free from sin - Deliverance from sin leads towards Holiness

Ps.139-23,24 wicked way
Jer 6:16 good way
Jn 14:6 Jesus is the way
2 pet2:2 Way of truth
Mat 7:13,14 Way to life
Is 35:8 Way of Holiness
Ps 139:24 Way Everlasting

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