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Shameless Persistence in Prayer
What prayer of yours has seemed to be unanswered for a while?

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In Our Darkest Moments, God is There



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  • Mission: CTF
    Mission: CTFCapture The Flag, co-op style! Descriptions are useless so just watch it. The farther along the video goes, the better it gets, so don't rule anything out in the first minute!tidwel542010-10-02T02:19:54697 views00:12:13
  • Cinema Catastrophe
    Cinema CatastropheThe movie about making a movie. A director completes a hard-worked on script for a film and calls the producer to come and see it. After the producer reviews it, they decided to use it to make a movie, only to have massive mayhem occur during th...tidwel542010-10-02T01:57:591,207 views00:10:56
  • The "Name That Sport" Game Show Bloopers
    The "Name That Sport" Game Show BloopersThese are the outtakes from Name That Sport. I got slapped in the face in these bloopers and it hurt! We had both physical and mental problems during this show, so just enjoy while you can before your sanity is gone.tidwel542010-10-02T01:39:441,454 views00:11:51
  • Tim's Myrtle Beach Show 3
    Tim's Myrtle Beach Show 3My third Myrtle Beach trip. This one was early October 2009. I saw an old (actually year-old) friend that I met the year before. We made sand pyramids, tunnels, went crab hunting, and I took a PSAT on this vacation. I didn't put that on the vi...tidwel542010-10-02T01:37:241,398 views00:14:12
  • Tim's Myrtle Beach Show 2
    Tim's Myrtle Beach Show 2My second video of Myrtle Beach, this one in July 2009. I went down with my cousins on this trip, and it was awesome. It was windy all week, and that made for some great fun and filming! Check out some of the things we saw while we were there, ...tidwel542010-10-02T01:37:181,389 views00:11:21
  • Tim's Myrtle Beach Show
    Tim's Myrtle Beach ShowI made a video from my trip to Myrtle Beach in late September/early October 2008. It was fun! Check it out!tidwel542010-10-02T01:37:181,453 views00:07:44
  • The Extended Expedition Bloopers
    The Extended Expedition BloopersThe title speaks for itself. If you wanna know a little of what we did when we were making this, then watch! Enjoy the loss of our sanity!tidwel542010-10-02T01:32:211,390 views00:11:05
  • Worldview Academy Grove City PA 2009
    Worldview Academy Grove City PA 2009This is what Worldview Academy looked like at Grove City. Another awesome year at WVA! I didn't make this video unlike last year but I thought it would be fun to share anyway. Enjoy!tidwel542010-10-02T01:30:551,724 views00:04:50
  • The "Name That Sport" Game Show
    The "Name That Sport" Game ShowThe second game show is out! (Don't worry, it's under ten minutes) If you think watching dumb people is dumb, then this is not the video for you! Although you should watch it anyway. See if you can guess all four sports that we preform on the ...tidwel542010-10-02T01:18:511,534 views00:08:06
  • Safari Survivals
    Safari SurvivalsIn followup to The Extended Expedition, Safari Survivals brings back even more confusion, explorations, and complete random craziness! Safari Survivals is the greenest movie made by the co-op group yet!tidwel542010-10-02T01:01:221,709 views00:14:00
  • The Extended Expedition
    The Extended ExpeditionIf you like explorers who know nothing of was they're doing, you're going to love this! The Extended Expedition takes you on an adventure behind my backyard where planned out meets the Haven co-op group, experienced meets randomness, and expediti...tidwel542010-10-02T01:00:141,640 views00:09:18
  • The "So You Want To Win 10 Bucks?" Game Show
    The "So You Want To Win 10 Bucks?" Game ShowJust how dumb can a game show get? Watch this game show we made and see what happens when The Bacon Boys also known as "The Guy Dude Man People" go head-to-head against The Female Crustaceans! Be advised: No questions in this game are...tidwel542010-10-02T00:45:371,596 views00:23:21
  • Mathematical Arithmetic Lecture Gone Wrong
    Mathematical Arithmetic Lecture Gone WrongIf you've ever wondered why the economy is failing so badly, this might explain a thing or two. This is a hilarious math video I made because I felt like doing something! It's not often that I wear church clothes on a Saturday. I'm getting way ...tidwel542010-10-02T00:38:552,221 views00:04:23
  • Generation Joshua (Wilkes-Barre 2008)
    Generation Joshua (Wilkes-Barre 2008)I took my camcorder to Wilkes-Barre while we were working on the Chris Hackett campaign, and this is what I got. Enjoy!tidwel542010-10-02T00:32:282,070 views00:06:44
  • Failing at Felony (part 1)
    Failing at Felony (part 1)Two guys (one is really dumb and the other is normal) try to rob a house but everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It goes from robbing a house to a comical failure! Part 1 of the movie.tidwel542010-10-02T00:32:042,230 views00:05:10
  • WorldView Academy Lancaster 2008
    WorldView Academy Lancaster 2008My experience at WorldView Academy.tidwel542010-10-01T23:19:463,033 views00:03:55