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  • Tell Me Why
    Tell Me WhyTell Me Why - Declan Galbraithkiddyditties2010-10-02T00:28:192,554 views00:04:28
  • My little sister's video
    My little sister's videoThis is my little sister and her best frined. She was afraid of this huge slide and her friend convinced her to go down the long tube again. It's very random and kinda weird but then again, so am I :)tsl4j2010-10-02T00:29:182,275 views00:02:26
  • Miley Cyrus
    Miley CyrusI made this with pictures...jessychan2010-10-02T00:29:336,609 views00:03:49
  • America The Beautiful
    America The BeautifulAmerica The Beautiful Children singing Pictures of the beauty of Americathetrumpter2010-10-02T00:29:433,255 views00:02:05
  • Nintendo DSi
    Nintendo DSiThe Nintendo DSi has so many awesome features I am so exited!

    I guesse I'll have to settle for watching this a hundred times untill I get it.
    johnnyreuben2010-10-02T00:30:312,587 views00:02:55
  • Amazing Hero Dog!!!
    Amazing Hero Dog!!!This is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen or heard. It is less than a minute so enjoy! If only we were this compassionate for human beings! This is truly AMAZING!!!sharonshown2010-10-02T00:30:37211,655 views00:00:57
  • Animated Awesomeness: Blinking Kitty
    Animated Awesomeness: Blinking KittyThis is a blinking kitty video. I made this by making a kitty in paint and then changing it slightly to make it look like the kitty is blinking. Then, I made the pictures .20 seconds each or something like that. Well, hope you like it even though ...jesusrosefromthedead2010-10-02T00:31:532,356 views00:00:05
  • Giggling and sitting up
    Giggling and sitting upBraden giggling and sitting up!squareone20082010-10-02T00:31:542,008 views00:01:41
  • Baby Roboto Dance
    Baby Roboto DanceThis kid has got some sweet movesanimalpics2010-10-02T00:33:3812,967 views00:00:33
  • Mans Best Friend tells us of his love.
    Mans Best Friend tells us of his love.Gods creation, dogs tells master of their love. Diffrent breads, diffrent voices. funny, happy lonley, sin, God, Jesus, forgivemidnightseven2010-10-02T00:34:45204,269 views00:01:23
  • The Wild Gone Wild
    The Wild Gone WildThese are some pix of animals that I thought to be pretty funny,so I hope yall do too :D rate and comment pleasetruelovewaits772010-10-02T00:34:586,756 views00:04:11
  • Hamster Go Round
    Hamster Go RoundWell, he starts out strong...animalpics2010-10-02T00:35:538,484 views00:00:18
  • my bro tubing in NC
    my bro tubing in NCMy Bro is good at tubing. We try hard to knock him off. lol.saviorofmylife2010-10-02T00:37:211,686 views00:00:55
  • Dont Forget-Demi Lovato HQ
    Dont Forget-Demi Lovato HQThe video from her album song dont forget its beautifulbrandonteen2010-10-02T00:38:426,045 views00:03:47
  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swifttaylor switf rocks so i made this movie to prove ittakethatstudio2010-10-02T00:38:534,783 views00:01:20
  • Emily Osment
    Emily OsmentSHES SOOOOooooOOO COOOLtakethatstudio2010-10-02T00:38:542,632 views00:01:28

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