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The First Day—Again
How does Jesus’ resurrection infuse you with fresh hope?

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Faith, Hope and Love



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  • The Millennial Reign (Part 1) - Rev Joseph Caetta
    The Millennial Reign (Part 1) - Rev Joseph CaettaMy grandpa, 1908-1980.

    This is Part 1 only. I am so sorry, but we are unable to locate Part 2. Thought it better to share what we have than none at all.

    This sermon has been digitally restored to the best of my ability.
    propheciesrevelation2015-04-24T03:34:34690 views01:01:24
  • Revelation: Armageddon
    Revelation: ArmageddonProfessor Ed Hindson speaks the war of Armageddon spoken of in the book of Revelation
    propheciesrevelation2015-03-21T22:48:57266 views00:23:53
  • Revelation: The Fall of Babylon
    Revelation: The Fall of BabylonProfessor Ed Hindson speaks on 'The Fall of Babylon' and the Roman Empire.
    propheciesrevelation2015-03-21T22:28:58209 views00:23:50
  • Revelation: Bowls of Wrath
    Revelation: Bowls of WrathProfessor Ed Hindson speaks on the bowl judgments in the book of Revelation.
    propheciesrevelation2015-03-21T21:48:57182 views00:23:40
  • Merchandising in the Church
    Merchandising in the views00:07:40
  • The Bewitching Hour
    The Bewitching HourLearn more about the dangers of hypnosis and mind control in the church at
    propheciesrevelation2015-01-19T21:54:06739 views00:18:48
  • Cults Control Minds
    Cults Control MindsPlease note: We share the following information only to make others aware of the techniques being used all around us and to help people to recognize when these techniques are being used on yourself. -Admins-


    propheciesrevelation2014-12-04T18:49:05369 views00:08:01
  • Satan's Message
    Satan's MessageWhat is your decision?

    Learn more about Jesus Christ and how to become a born again Christian at
    propheciesrevelation2014-10-27T21:09:08346 views00:13:46
  • The Millennial Kingdom
    The Millennial views00:22:44
  • What Happens After the Rapture
    What Happens After the RaptureThe Rapture

    The Tribulation

    The 7-Year Peace Treaty

    propheciesrevelation2014-09-30T01:49:081,632 views00:21:39
  • Celebrities in the Occult
    Celebrities in the OccultWhat does the Bible say about fortune telling?
    propheciesrevelation2014-09-28T23:24:071,091 views00:04:50
  • The Finger of God... or is it?
    The Finger of God... or is it?Signs of the End
    propheciesrevelation2014-04-19T18:09:37813 views00:39:53
  • Revelation Prophecies
    Revelation PropheciesThe resolution of the video is not the best. This is the best I can do with the lousy video camera that I have. People need to listen to this important message and spend less time griping about the quality of technology.

    If you are left...
    propheciesrevelation2014-03-18T06:34:24812 views00:25:02
  • Freemasonry- Part 13 of 13
    Freemasonry- Part 13 of 13Taken from "Frances and Friends."

    Originally aired on August 7, 2012.

    Part 1
    propheciesrevelation2012-08-19T22:29:04780 views00:13:23
  • Freemasonry- Part 12 of 13
    Freemasonry- Part 12 of 13Taken from "Frances and Friends."

    Originally aired on August 7, 2012.

    Part 13
    propheciesrevelation2012-08-19T21:34:04774 views00:13:56
  • Freemasonry- Part 11 of 13
    Freemasonry- Part 11 of 13Taken from "Frances and Friends."

    Originally aired on August 7, 2012.

    Part 12
    propheciesrevelation2012-08-19T20:04:04727 views00:14:26