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  • Jeremiah #19: The Cure for the Broken Heart
    Jeremiah #19: The Cure for the Broken HeartThe temptations of life can lead to self-destruction and broken heartedness, but God offers hope to even the most down and out. Kay Arthur highlights more about the ultimate cure for the broken heart, as she continues a series in the first part of...precepts-for-life2016-04-28T00:00:007 views00:29:00
  • Jeremiah #18: Sacrificing Our Children -Then and Now
    Jeremiah #18: Sacrificing Our Children -Then and NowThe blood of innocent children has been on the hands of nations throughout history, but shouldn’t we expect something more of a nation founded on God’s precepts? Kay Arthur tackles the issue of child sacrifice both past and present.precepts-for-life2016-04-27T00:00:0012 views00:29:00
  • Jeremiah #17: Deception on the Rise
    Jeremiah #17: Deception on the RiseDeception is on the rise ... in politics, in the commercial realm, and yes, even in families. But God is not mocked, and His Truth stands forever. Kay Arthur shows you the devastating consequences for a nation that abandons truth.precepts-for-life2016-04-26T00:00:007 views00:29:00
  • Israel #10: No Ordinary Death - The Crucifixion What Was it Like?
    Israel #10: No Ordinary Death - The Crucifixion What Was ...Jesus Christ faced the certain knowledge of impending suffering and death, yet He endured it willingly on our behalf. Today Kay Arthur visits a dungeon that may well have housed our Lord long ago.precepts-for-life2011-08-26T00:00:00525 views00:00:00

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