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The Ultimate Source
God’s goodness and faithfulness can lead us to respond in varying ways.

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Only God Knows How it Will All Turn Out



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  • Promise, Threat & Repentance
    Promise, Threat & RepentanceWhat happens to nations that turn away from God? His Word makes it clear. Today on PRECEPTS FOR LIFE, Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur calls you to prayer for our nation and the upcoming elections.precepts-for-life2016-09-27T00:00:00 views00:28:30
  • God’s Anointed Ruler(s)
    God’s Anointed Ruler(s)America heads to the polls soon for a momentous election. And today on PRECEPTS FOR LIFE, Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur reminds you why you need to know God’s precepts as you step into that voting booth. It’s more of a special series titled, “Amer...precepts-for-life2016-09-26T00:00:004 views00:29:30
  • The Bloody Nation
    The Bloody NationYou hear a lot of complaints in the mainstream media about the blood lost in war. But there’s nothing but silence about the bloodshed involved with abortion.precepts-for-life2016-09-23T00:00:0012 views00:28:29
  • If a Country Sins
    If a Country SinsHow do you know what happens to nations who turn their backs on God? Look at history as described in His Word, of course.precepts-for-life2016-09-22T00:00:0010 views00:28:30
  • Israel #10: No Ordinary Death - The Crucifixion What Was it Like?
    Israel #10: No Ordinary Death - The Crucifixion What Was ...Jesus Christ faced the certain knowledge of impending suffering and death, yet He endured it willingly on our behalf. Today Kay Arthur visits a dungeon that may well have housed our Lord long ago.precepts-for-life2011-08-26T00:00:00541 views00:00:00