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  • Three Little Birds by Connie Talbot
    Three Little Birds by Connie TalbotThe sun-dappled video for 'Three Little Birds' was filmed in Jamaica during the Talbot family's Easter holiday -- the perfect setting for this glorious Bob Marley song, which, through Connie's rendition, sings with the joy of youth on a happy, sun...connietalbot2010-10-02T00:20:0728,619 views00:03:12
  • leave out all the rest by linkin park
    leave out all the rest by linkin parklinkin park singing in a space ship, lolgodsknight772010-10-02T00:21:014,345 views00:03:24
  • Anime Gone
    Anime Gonesong:Gone


    K guys here is another one!This is a vid requested by JesusRocksOnIce!Hope you like it!
    nerdsforjesus2010-10-02T00:21:032,930 views00:03:28
  • Spirit - Breakaway
    Spirit - BreakawayBreakaway by Kelly Clarksonpirateswordsgirl122010-10-02T00:21:043,090 views00:04:35
  • Rebirthing!!!
    Rebirthing!!!This video took me awhile but i finally managed to get it done LoL Clips are FF7 Crisis, Core FF Advent children, FF13, and, FFvs13, KH2 Deep Dive, KH Birth By Sleep. Plz comment & rate. Thanks! guys:)khking2010-10-02T00:22:294,155 views00:03:56
  • kingdom hearts-hero
    kingdom hearts-herohe-ello!!!!!!! this is a weird...org. XIII tribute thing that i made in my spare time but my compy went pooof so thaz why it took so long to finally get it up here! so anyways the song is by superchick and the clips are courtesy of kh-vids.net and...rikuxcloudxdemyxxaxel2010-10-02T00:22:403,616 views00:04:28
  • Skillet - Whispers in The Dark
    Skillet - Whispers in The DarkOfficial Music Video for Skillet's Whispers in the Darkskillet2010-10-02T00:22:4355,898 views00:03:27
  • Anime Hold
    Anime Holdsong:Hold


    Hi guys this is another request I got! So sorry but I don't remember who requested it so message me if your him/her!
    nerdsforjesus2010-10-02T00:23:393,883 views00:03:15
  • B-Day special Yachiru Gibberish
    B-Day special Yachiru Gibberishsong:Gibberish


    This is a fun random song with yachiru and random characters from bleach for my cuzz's B-Day!
    nerdsforjesus2010-10-02T00:25:163,217 views00:01:47
  • Anime Randomness 2
    Anime Randomness 2Song: Already Over

    Artist: Red


    I own nothing. I got the pics from google and the music from my WOW Hits 2009 CD. The only thing I made up were the words that the characters say.

    jesusrosefromthedead2010-10-02T00:26:213,385 views00:04:19
  • geiko - money comercial
    geiko - money comerciali got this vid on mediaconverter.comtomdan552010-10-02T00:26:292,232 views00:00:32
  • Goofy Girls - whatchawant
    Goofy Girls - whatchawantgirls dancingsunman78362010-10-02T00:26:512,701 views00:02:47
  • Frontline-FF7 amv
    Frontline-FF7 amvsong by pillar, i have once again used FF7 in an amv!!! ok i KNOW that in the ending credits i spelt 'future' wrong!! lol whats futer? haha ok anyway yes yes there is a suprise in the ending credits ... i dont even think it could work on godtube-e...cheddar12010-10-02T00:27:552,881 views00:03:30
  • Porcelain Heart
    Porcelain HeartHaleigh Lanham singing Porcelain Heart by Barlowgirlhaleighlanham2010-10-02T00:28:213,067 views00:03:35
  • Lord of the Rings - Funny Music
    Lord of the Rings - Funny Musicreally cool vid that kind of explains itselflotrfreak2010-10-02T00:29:448,878 views00:04:38
  • Are we there yet?!
    Are we there yet?!A little video my sister and I made with some friends to go with a Veggie Tales song... =P Enjoy!thepottersschool2010-10-02T00:30:522,598 views00:02:02

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