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  • The Trumpet Call
    The Trumpet CallImagine for a minute the trumpets call to be with the Lordprophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:0012,289 views00:00:53
  • Sign of the Times
    Sign of the TimesEvents happening in todays world are signs of the soon return of the Lord. Praise God, He is coming soon!prophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:0010,939 views00:04:04
  • God's Wonderous Creation
    God's Wonderous CreationTake a few minutes to rest in Jesus with His wonderful creation. Then get back to work.prophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:0013,269 views00:04:39
  • Wake up Church, perilous time are here.
    Wake up Church, perilous time are here.Are you apart of the sleeping church? Do you run away when prophecy is brought up? It's time the Church wakes up and pay attention to what's going on in the world today. The prophecies of His Second Coming are all around us.

    Music by John Berry
    prophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:0010,037 views00:02:25
  • Darkness at the sixth hour.
    Darkness at the sixth hour.The death and resurection of Jesus. Praise God!prophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:004,660 views00:01:47
  • Lifehouse Everything @ Forest Pointe Church
    Lifehouse Everything @ Forest Pointe Church"Everything" by Lifehouse, performed at Forest Pointe Church in Belmont, NC on March 16, 2008. This popular skit was performed by a drama team from Gardner-Webb University and my buddy, Timm Young, did a fantastic job on the editing. V...johnnyfpc2008-03-16T00:00:0054,238 views00:05:27
  • Let's Be Fisherman
    Let's Be FishermanWe must listen when we hear what God wants to do, and we will always find the answers in the scripture.morne042010-10-01T22:16:252,480 views00:04:17
  • The reality of life after death!
    The reality of life after death!This is a short video about life after death for the lost. A reminder to spread the gospel to people who dont know Christ. A horrifying reality for those who refuse to accept Jesus for their personal saviour!beulahbee2010-10-01T22:24:264,203 views00:01:23
  • Signs of the End Times
    Signs of the End TimesBe prayerful, watchful and alert remnant of Yeshua/Jesus. Awaken and repent America for your judgments are at hand! May God's mercy be before you, for you are about to reap what you sow. Listen to the words of the prophet Isaiah (30:25)"In th...chadleatherby2010-10-01T22:28:3019,068 views00:01:08
  • Wake Up Call (Signs of the End Times by KeepsItReal
    Wake Up Call (Signs of the End Times by KeepsItRealSome say we're at the last days some say there's always been war and conflicts..... But Jesus said, &quot;When you see these past, look up, for your redemption draws near.&quot; <br />
    <br />
    keepsitreal12010-10-01T22:41:337,887 views00:04:01
  • HELL!!!!!
    HELL!!!!!do you know where your soul will go after death?revljwilson042008-08-20T00:00:004,460 views00:01:57
  • "ONE."         by Peter Liam Holcross
    "ONE." by Peter Liam HolcrossIf you believe the Bible account, then you know that the Lord created all humanity and all races from one flesh (and He did it a second time again after the Great Flood); and He placed man on this planet as our home forever with Him, to look after...peterliamholcross2010-10-01T23:55:542,756 views00:04:40