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Far Greater Love
What does it look like when you love the world more than you love God?

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Nothing is too Hard for the Lord



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  • In The Beginning
    In The BeginningEL~LLusion Bring The Gospel Verses Alive Through Illusionmusic4god7772013-03-09T19:09:04541 views00:02:32
  • Evil~lution
    Evil~lutionThe Opening To The ACTS Gospel illusion show, Puppets discuss Bible reality, then 1 turns into a human, The Gospel illusionist called EL~LLusion, other videos to follow with Bible verses put into illusion stylemusic4god7772013-03-03T00:34:19516 views00:06:04
  • Unchained
    UnchainedJesus Breaks us free from the bondage of our sins

    Through Jesus, we are unchained
    music4god7772012-03-04T18:49:05671 views00:02:42
  • It's A Mad World
    It's A Mad WorldLife as seen from The Other Side
    By An Aborted baby

    Music By Gary Jules
    music4god7772011-01-09T16:47:50637 views00:03:09
  • It Is No Secret What GOD Can Do
    It Is No Secret What GOD Can DoMy version of the Johnny Cash Song with backing tracts from the orig. Wanna know The Secret? Read Amos 3:7 And Find Out
    music4god7772010-10-22T02:15:041,433 views00:04:01
  • Were You There w/ The ISEE Puppets
    Were You There w/ The ISEE PuppetsThe song asks were you there? Our Savior carried our burdens on the cross, so were you there? A Covered Johnny Cash song with help from The Carter Family The Statler Brothers and of course Ruby ISEEmusic4god7772010-10-22T01:30:03790 views00:04:34
  • Peace In The Valley w/The ISEE Puppets
    Peace In The Valley w/The ISEE PuppetsThis is the introduction of my ISEE Puppets that help spread The Gospel... Ruby Sings For The First Timemusic4god7772010-10-22T01:00:02719 views00:03:32
  • The Lake of Fire LIVE 4Fold
    The Lake of Fire LIVE 4FoldPraise GOD Adapted From The Ring of Fire By June Carter Cash Live From Lancaster, PA Four Fold Gospel Showmusic4god7772010-10-21T23:10:02555 views00:03:01
  • Earthly Prison Blues Live 4Fold
    Earthly Prison Blues Live 4FoldPraise GOD in Song Adapted from Folsom Prison Blues Live From Lancaster, PA Four Fold Gospel Show
    music4god7772010-10-21T22:50:01433 views00:02:51
  • Woke Up This Morning And My Mind Stayed On JESUS~LIVE 4FOLD~
    Woke Up This Morning And My Mind Stayed On JESUS~LIVE 4FO...Sung Live At The Four Fold Gospel Show in Lancaster, PA Praise GODmusic4god7772010-10-21T21:10:024,236 views00:02:18
  • Do You Know What Love Is?
    Do You Know What Love Is?True Love starts with giving; JESUS gave HIS life for us, THAT'S LOVE.music4god7772010-10-02T02:20:5921,483 views00:05:02
  • The Cosmic Conjecture
    The Cosmic ConjectureCreated by GOD or Accidental Chain of Eventsmusic4god7772010-10-02T02:19:4314,655 views00:04:00
  • Is This The End
    Is This The EndThe Gulfs Oil Spill, accident or Bible Prophecy, you decide read Revelation 8:8music4god7772010-10-02T02:18:5016,251 views00:03:52
  • Memorial Day 2010
    Memorial Day 2010When remembering those who laid down their life's for us, Please Don't forget who died for our sins.music4god7772010-10-02T02:16:35656 views00:03:34
  • The Small Bang Theory
    The Small Bang TheoryWell since the big bang theory tries to explain how the earth was made through accident & evolution, I use a similar format to explain how the mechanical pencil was made by accident as well.music4god7772010-10-02T02:14:111,304 views00:01:51
  • Goin' By The Book
    Goin' By The BookThese are times of Revelation

    Inside and out

    Revelation is synonymous to expose & disclose, WE as follows of CHRIST

    MUST reveal our Savior to the masses

    disclose & reveal

    The Good News of JESUS CHRIST and...
    music4god7772010-10-02T01:33:311,593 views00:03:19