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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Philippians 4:5



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  • SarahMoss sings Amazing Grace
    SarahMoss sings Amazing GraceA wonderful rendition of this time-honoured classiclesmiller2011-08-29T16:09:16479 views00:03:32
  • Creation and Redemption
    Creation and RedemptionHere is all the proof anyone will eve need that Genesis 1 and 2 are real and true.lesmiller2011-05-14T23:04:30385 views00:24:39
  • Forgiveness
    ForgivenessHere is a study on Jesus and how He cleanses us from our sins.lesmiller2011-04-12T17:52:52297 views00:24:14
  • Why Do We Suffer?
    Why Do We Suffer?Here are some thought on the age old question given with the hope you can use them to comfort others in their distress.lesmiller2011-04-07T15:47:44304 views00:26:56
  • Getting to Know the Holy Spirit
    Getting to Know the Holy SpiritThis finishes the three part series on the Trinity by asking and answering some very important questions on why and how the Holy Spirit is being used as He is in the plan of salvation.lesmiller2011-04-05T16:12:46330 views00:28:00
  • Getting to Know the Son
    Getting to Know the SonThis is part two of the three part series on the Trinity with a special focus on Jesus and all He has done for us.lesmiller2011-04-05T15:48:02356 views00:27:09
  • Getting to Know the Father
    Getting to Know the FatherThis is the first of a three part series on the Trinity.lesmiller2011-04-05T15:02:53426 views00:16:06
  • How to Study the Bible
    How to Study the BibleThis is an introductory video to a series of Bible studies designed to take someone with little to no spiritual knowledge through to a born again experience with Jesus. You are invited to make use of it in your outreach efforts.lesmiller2011-04-03T20:12:58466 views00:22:50