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How can you offer God your best today?

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  • Jesus vs The Pharisees - Matthew Chapter 23 - Memorized
    Jesus vs The Pharisees - Matthew Chapter 23 - MemorizedCome find me on facebook under The Memorized Gospels...kerinthians2011-09-05T06:34:14563 views00:06:03
  • The Easter Story Part Two
    The Easter Story Part TwoHere is the Rest of the Easter Story according to the Gospel of Matthew at my church last Easter. Please help me share the Word by "Liking" this video. You can find me on Facebook under The Memorized Gospels. God Bless!kerinthians2011-09-02T09:24:17403 views00:04:12
  • The Easter Story Part One
    The Easter Story Part OneLast Easter I recited the Easter story according to the Gospel of Matthew at my church. The first few minutes are a bit fuzzy but the focus gets better as you watch. Please help me spread the Word and share this with your church! You can also find...kerinthians2011-09-02T09:09:18308 views00:17:36
  • Ask a Christian Vlog 5 - Is Smoking a Sin
    Ask a Christian Vlog 5 - Is Smoking a SinI was recently asked my thoughts on smoking vs overeating... here was my response...kerinthians2011-02-08T20:05:33495 views00:18:09
  • My Testimony
    My TestimonySome people asked me to film my testimony, here is the ad lib version...kerinthians2011-02-03T07:45:44344 views00:13:56
  • Matthew Chapter 22 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 22 - MemorizedAt the Temple the religious elite try to trap Jesus in his words - and fail miserably!kerinthians2011-02-03T07:20:33339 views00:05:03
  • Matthew Chapter 21 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 21 - MemorizedAfter a few months of not uploading anything I thought I better get a move on and complete this series, thanks to everyone who has been listening! Here is Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem near the end of his ministry here on Earth where thing...kerinthians2011-01-25T07:45:41428 views00:06:44
  • Matthew Chapter 20 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 20 - MemorizedContinuing from Chapter 19, Jesus tells his disciples the Parable about the workers in the Vineyard, the mother of James and John asks Jesus to give her sons a special seat in Heaven upsetting the other ten disciples and finally 2 blind men are he...kerinthians2010-11-02T07:55:02442 views00:04:07
  • Matthew Chapter 19- Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 19- MemorizedMatthew Chapter 19 - The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by asking him a difficult question about Divorce but Jesus has the perfect answer - The Truth... later the Rich Young ruler wants to know how he can obtain eternal life....

    Come find me on Fa...
    kerinthians2010-10-27T07:30:03389 views00:04:09
  • Matthew Chapter 18 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 18 - MemorizedHere is Matthew Chapter 18. Please share this link with others and come join me at The Memorized Gospels page on facebook:

    kerinthians2010-10-26T06:25:02402 views00:04:25
  • Matthew Chapter 17 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 17 - MemorizedHere is Chapter 17 of the Gospel of Matthew. Unfortunately I got verse 7 wrong, I said "Take courage" instead of "get up!"... Anyway, come find me on Facebook! Would love to see you there!

    kerinthians2010-10-26T06:00:03360 views00:03:46
  • Matthew Chapter 16 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 16 - MemorizedHere is Matthew Chapter 16. Those Pharisees and Teachers of the Law are once more looking for a miraculous sign but Jesus instead promises them the sign of his resurrection... Later he warns his disciples against their teaching and then asks them ...kerinthians2010-10-21T07:15:02441 views00:04:06
  • Matthew Chapter 15 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 15 - MemorizedHere is Matthew Chapter 15 in which Jesus challenges the Pharisees on what really makes a person unclean, a Gentile's request for healing is granted and Jesus feeds 4000 Men - BESIDES Women and Children! Please look for me on Facebook... kerinthians2010-10-19T08:10:02497 views00:04:29
  • Matthew Chapter 14 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 14 - MemorizedHere is Matthew Chapter 14. I hope this will encourage other Christians to memorize Scripture! Please share this link with others!kerinthians2010-10-17T07:05:02264 views00:04:05
  • Matthew Chapter 13 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 13 - MemorizedContinuing my series on the Gospel of Matthew Memorized... here is Chapter 13... kerinthians2010-10-13T10:50:02542 views00:07:17
  • Matthew Chapter 12 - Memorized
    Matthew Chapter 12 - MemorizedPlease share these videos with others for the sake of spreading The Gospel!kerinthians2010-10-12T16:21:06341 views00:06:24