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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Proverbs 11:13



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  • Memorized Bible, Ephesians
    Memorized Bible, EphesiansPastor quotes book of Ephesians from the Bible by memory.The Word of GOD (scriptures)has a powerfull effect when spoken by Spirit. Please visit Dr Yeager`s web site at

    He has memorized over a third of the NT.
    docyeager2010-10-01T21:02:0310,737 views00:15:18
  • Thirsty
    ThirstyThree guys lost in the dunes discover the power of a small glass of living water. A power they want to pass on to others who thirst.
    the power of being Holy Hydrated.
    youreel-org2008-03-17T00:00:006,019 views00:01:27
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart
    Open the Eyes of My HeartCoffey singing "Open the Eyes of My Heart" . Let it be a blessing to you today. But be careful!!! You will be humming this song all day.coffey2008-03-17T00:00:00202,102 views00:03:01
  • Karen Children
    Karen ChildrenA short video featuring Karen children in a refugee camp. Filmed by Christian Freedom International. Visit for more info.bjduff2008-03-17T00:00:003,015 views00:04:57
  • Karen Orphanges
    Karen OrphangesA short video showing Karen orphanges singing praises in an orphange in a refugee camp along the Thia/Burma border run by Christian Freedom International. Visit for more info.bjduff2008-03-17T00:00:002,726 views00:00:31
  • Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    Resurrection of Jesus ChristResurrection of Jesus Christ. Randall Niles asks, Is There Proof That Jesus Rose from the Dead?

    randallniles2008-03-17T00:00:005,598 views00:04:53
  • A Mission of Hope
    A Mission of HopeA look at what Christian Freedom International is doing to help Karen Christians living inside war torn Burma and in refugee camps along the Thia/Burma border. Highlights medics, school teachers, volunteers and Christian Freedom International's V...bjduff2008-03-17T00:00:002,751 views00:10:20
  • FIREPROOF Teaser Trailer
    FIREPROOF Teaser TrailerWelcome to FIREPROOF, an action-packed love story that will have audiences laughing, crying, and on the edge of their seats as they are drawn into the world of a firefighter, his wife ... and a marriage worth rescuing. FIREPROOF is the third movie...affirmfilms2008-03-17T00:00:0030,681 views00:07:21
  • Fireproof - Official Trailer
    Fireproof - Official TrailerFIREPROOF is an action-packed love story from the creators of FACING THE GIANTS that opens September 26, 2008 in theaters across the country.affirmfilms2010-10-01T23:05:3866,985 views00:02:12
  • Fireproof - Studying - Sneak Peek
    Fireproof - Studying - Sneak PeekFireproof opens Friday, 9/26/2008.

    In this Sneak Peek at the upcoming film, Kirk Cameron's character discovers what it means to "study" his wife.
    affirmfilms2010-10-01T23:27:2243,920 views00:01:12
  • Amazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without Arm
    Amazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without ArmWow! This is incredible! A woman without an arm and a man without a leg combine together to perform this beautiful and powerful dance. God truly has a plan for everyone. What is holding you back in life and how can you use it for good? God bless!sand2rock952010-10-01T23:27:44904,535 views00:05:17
  • Pilgrim's Progress Part 1 of 25
    Pilgrim's Progress Part 1 of 25Translated into over 100 languages, The Pilgrim's Progress is one of the most famous classics of literature. It is an allegorical novel, describing a Christian's journey through life to reach heaven. Part 1 was written by John Bunyan in 1679 whils...creation7772010-10-02T00:10:352,572 views00:11:18
  • FIREPROOF Now Available on DVD!
    FIREPROOF Now Available on DVD!Firefighter Wayne Floyd as featured in the bonus features of FIREPROOF Special Collector's Edition DVD, which is now available at fine Christian stores everywhere.affirmfilms2007-12-11T00:00:0026,962 views00:01:33