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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Proverbs 11:13



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  • Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her (Official Music Video)
    Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her (Official Music Vi...Watch the music video from one of the hottest Christian bands of today! This Casting Crowns hit will remind you that God never gives up on you!casting-crowns2008-03-17T00:00:001,599,388 views00:04:33
  • Pro-life Argument
    Pro-life ArgumentThis slideshow depicts a pro-choice argument along with a slideshow presentation of babies. The argument includes statistics about abortion as well as the prejudice beliefs of Margaret Sanger-the founder of Planned Parenthood.emorawr2008-03-17T00:00:003,690 views00:03:06
  • Family Warriors
    Family WarriorsThis video is designed to remind us that God does have priorities in His Kingdom. When Jesus was asked, what is the most important commandment - He answered specifically,

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and wi...
    henryorth2008-03-17T00:00:003,021 views00:02:10
  • My Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt
    My Redeemer Lives - Team HoytIncredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.sand2rock952008-03-17T00:00:0016,228,935 views00:04:36
  • Tim Hawkins
    Tim Hawkins "Cletus Take the Reel"Buy Album!
    Christian comedian Tim Hawkins performs a hilarious parody of "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. Send this on!
    crownentertainment2008-03-17T00:00:00447,947 views00:02:14
  • Wedding Vows Like You've Never Heard.
    Wedding Vows Like You've Never Heard.
    See the vows here

    The only thing more beautiful than these vows is my wife. I was so caught up in the marriage that I didn't know that people had been moved to tears with our vo...
    undressed2008-03-17T00:00:00387,781 views00:03:57
  • Tim Hawkins sings Delilah
    Tim Hawkins sings DelilahTim Hawkins visits GodTube to sing a hilarious song called "Delilah".timhawkinscomedy2010-10-01T23:29:4944,054 views00:02:55
  • I'm Watching You Dad
    I'm Watching You Dad Contemplate the roles Dads play in their children's lives. Kids are watching to see if what we say matches our actions. Download floodgateproductions2010-10-01T23:32:27996,992 views00:02:41
  • Break the Silence
    Break the SilenceA bunch of our friends got together at our school and put red tape on to honor the aborted babies. I made this video shortly after. I hope you enjoy.thtonegrl2010-10-01T23:40:112,742 views00:01:32
  • Must-See Clip -
    Must-See Clip - "Battling to Overturn Roe"Caleb and Judith go to their respective courtrooms to wage war to "uphold or reverse" Roe vs. Wade.comewhatmay2010-10-01T23:41:223,547 views00:07:38
  • Paul Washer's Testimony
    Paul Washer's Testimony(I put this up on GodTube because I was unsure if someone else was going to, I got this from LaneCH's youtube channel.)

    Here is a c...
    ibh12010-10-01T23:45:1918,583 views00:16:20
  • Unashamed Christain
    Unashamed ChristainIn perhaps days, hours, minutes before Jesus returns for His Bride ~ we must remember God's Word stands fast. It cannot be reversed, recalled or repealed ~ annulled or undone. Lke diamonds, we are set apart by God for His Holy Purpose. We are not ...soundingjoy2010-10-01T23:46:2830,426 views00:01:41
  • Homily at Funeral of Three Aborted Babies
    Homily at Funeral of Three Aborted BabiesAt 3pm on July 27, 2008, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life conducted a funeral for three aborted babies at Mother Angelica’s Shrine in Hanceville, AL. This excerpt of the homily explains why we bury these babies publicly.frfrankpavone2010-10-01T23:52:183,141 views00:01:38
  • The S-E-XFORMATION is here!
    The S-E-XFORMATION is here!Stop reading the description and just watch the videoillianfamily2010-10-02T00:01:1822,061 views00:04:12
    The PAUL & JUDY ROUSSEAU Testimony: WHEN RECONCILLIAT...Maybe you are thinking about divorce. Maybe divorce proceedings are even underway. Your heart maybe has been ripped to shreds by your mate. You feel betrayed; you feel so injured; you feel SO misunderstood; and to be honest, you simply have HAD ...precioustestimonies2010-10-02T00:10:234,623 views00:29:31