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Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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Even When I Cannot See



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  • Rest for the Weary
    Rest for the WearyIn truth, we assign too much importance to issues that, in the end, will be of no consequence. Have you ever heard of a man on his deathbed who asked to see his stock portfolio one more time? Could the time we spend worrying be better spent in qui...jamesguerrero2010-10-02T01:38:301,259 views00:01:23
  • Hunger in the Land of Abundance
    Hunger in the Land of AbundanceNoted Photographer and creator of 'The Journeys with the Messiah' Michael Belk shares statistics related to food distribution the world over. Even in the USA, one out of eight children under 12, goes to bed hungry every night. A disturbing revelat...jamesguerrero2010-10-02T01:08:101,432 views00:01:18
  • The Lord's Prayer - Jesus Promise to Take Care of our Needs
    The Lord's Prayer - Jesus Promise to Take Care of our Nee...In spite of all the turbulence around us, the Lord's Prayer is a reassurance that Jesus will take care of all our needs. Trust in him and live a life that does not worry about having enough for tomorrow.jamesguerrero2010-10-02T01:07:511,004 views00:01:11
  • The Power of Forgiveness - Learning to Forgive
    The Power of Forgiveness - Learning to ForgiveJourneys with the Messiah talks about the healing power of forgiveness. Jesus' teachings show us how forgiveness heals the most bitter of relationships and opens the door to a better connection with God and our fellow brethren.jamesguerrero2010-10-02T01:07:511,158 views00:01:02
  • Let God Guide Your Life
    Let God Guide Your LifeWatch how a comparison is made between the game of life and the game of cards. Let God be your guide to choose between the good and bad cards that life deals you.jamesguerrero2010-10-02T01:05:151,387 views00:00:55