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How could you memorialize something God has done for you this week?

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Let All That You Do Be Done With Love



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  • cheerleading try outs
    cheerleading try outsThis is the chant we had to learn for cheerleading try outs.imasongwriter2012-07-14T19:29:05483 views00:00:32
  • cheer
    cheerthis is the cheer i had to learn for cheerleading try outs.imasongwriter2012-07-14T19:24:05477 views00:00:20
  • the dance we had to learn for cheerleading try outs.
    the dance we had to learn for cheerleading try outs.this was a hard dance to learn. The girl in the video taught us the dance in two days. I want to see if anyone out in Godtube can teach themselves it and make a video response back to me. imasongwriter2012-07-13T14:04:05761 views00:00:21
  • Expresions Dance Theater
    Expresions Dance TheaterHere is their website if you would like to know more about it www. Please comment and email me at [email protected]imasongwriter2012-04-16T17:24:05457 views00:06:32
  • hair tutoral
    hair tutoralSorry for the voumle. Please send request at [email protected]!!imasongwriter2012-04-15T21:54:54439 views00:05:55
  • Universal Call to worship live
    Universal Call to worship liveplease comment and subscribe and show your friends at [email protected] I performed this with my youth leader Jacke who is now at a different church.imasongwriter2012-04-15T19:00:20415 views00:03:06
  • grand canyon
    grand canyonI hope you like it. Please email me ideas for another video to do at [email protected] This is also where I will do shoutouts and comments for those people who don't have facebook or youtube accounts.imasongwriter2012-04-08T16:09:07446 views00:02:03
  • Connie Talbert
    Connie TalbertConnie Talbert was on Britain's got talent and she has made several albums but they aren't on itunes. This is
    Someone like you by Adele. Sarry about the volume.
    imasongwriter2012-02-01T17:24:20879 views00:04:58
  • beatiuy of the cross by jonny diaz
    beatiuy of the cross by jonny diazthis is a great song. check out please comment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T21:19:33360 views00:03:37
  • waiting room by jonny diaz
    waiting room by jonny diazthis song has helped explained all lot of things that i have audtion for. i hope it helps you. check out please comment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T21:14:46815 views00:03:00
  • hold me by jonny diaz
    hold me by jonny diazi love this song. check out please coment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T20:54:43522 views00:03:24
  • more beatiful you by jonny diaz
    more beatiful you by jonny diazi love this song and the message of the song. sarry if there are volume issuses. please comment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T20:34:35699 views00:03:40
  • we are  the world by cimerali
    we are the world by cimeralithey are sisters. please coment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T20:29:49339 views00:05:08
  • firework by cimerali
    firework by cimeralii hope you like it. please coment.imasongwriter2011-07-25T17:24:48768 views00:04:20
  • pray by justin bebber sung by cimerali
    pray by justin bebber sung by cimeralicomment and let me know what you think about it.imasongwriter2011-07-23T19:14:441,306 views00:03:38
  • though by God
    though by Godsarry about the sound i moved a lot in the backgard. please let me know what you think of it. it is me and my youth leader singing.imasongwriter2011-07-20T22:09:46387 views00:05:16