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  • David and Goliath
    David and GoliathDavid fights the giant Goliath and prevails.hwcyouth2011-02-28T15:37:1410,167 views00:07:32
  • y2_w33 - Story of Jeremiah
    y2_w33 - Story of JeremiahJeremiah has a difficult task as a prophet to God's people during fall and exile of Israel.hwcyouth2010-12-29T13:46:121,985 views00:02:46
  • y2_w32 - Story of Isaiah
    y2_w32 - Story of IsaiahIsaiah meets with the LORD God and is given a life's mission.hwcyouth2010-12-29T13:06:161,624 views00:02:15
  • y2_w31 - Stories of Elisha
    y2_w31 - Stories of Elishathere are many amazing stories recorded about Elisha... interestingly, many "foreshadow" the miracles of Jesushwcyouth2010-12-29T12:26:071,459 views00:22:16
  • Samuel Anoints David - y2_w17
    Samuel Anoints David - y2_w17Samuel finds David as the youngest of Jesse's sons in the town of Bethlehem.hwcyouth2010-12-27T16:14:262,369 views00:09:30
  • Story of Jonathan - y2_w16
    Story of Jonathan - y2_w16Jonathan charges a Philistine outpost along with his armor-bearer and defeats them, which starts a battle. Later Jonathan eats some honey and then almost dies!hwcyouth2010-12-27T15:34:111,044 views00:13:10
  • Saul Disobeys Twice - y2_w15
    Saul Disobeys Twice - y2_w15Even though the LORD wanted to work with King Saul, it didn't work out because Saul would not obey and follow the LORD.hwcyouth2010-12-27T11:24:341,346 views00:17:10
  • Call of Samuel - y2_w12
    Call of Samuel - y2_w12Samuel hears from the LORD for the first time!hwcyouth2010-12-22T19:38:302,125 views00:15:35
  • Saul Becomes King - y2_w14
    Saul Becomes King - y2_w14Samuel successfully leads the Israelites... at the end of his life, his sons are wicked... the leaders want Samuel to find a King (instead of the LORD God as their King)... and Saul becomes Israel's first King.hwcyouth2010-12-22T16:03:322,197 views00:21:21
  • Story of the Ark - y2_w13
    Story of the Ark - y2_w13The Ark of the LORD is captured by the Philistines, and Hophni, Phinehas, and Eli are killed.hwcyouth2010-12-21T12:50:37709 views00:19:36
  • Birth of Samuel - y2_w11
    Birth of Samuel - y2_w11Samuel is born to Hannah and Elkanah. LIVE storytelling during the Main Church Service @ Hayward Wesleyanhwcyouth2010-12-20T15:25:41653 views00:24:00
  • Judge Samson - y2_w08-09
    Judge Samson - y2_w08-09Samson's Life and Exploitshwcyouth2010-12-13T16:58:03719 views00:30:30
  • Story of Ruth - y2_w10
    Story of Ruth - y2_w10Ruth, during the time of the Judges, provides light amidst darkness.hwcyouth2010-11-22T15:47:03992 views00:06:17
  • y1_w09 - Sodom and Gomorrah
    y1_w09 - Sodom and Gomorrahthe destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness and evil, and the rescue of Lot and his family - Genesis 18:1 - 19:29hwcyouth2010-10-28T16:30:231,811 views00:18:15
  • Today is the Day
    Today is the Daystudents singing @ VBS 2010hwcyouth2010-10-25T16:10:02747 views00:02:50
  • Supernatural
    Supernaturalcampers singing @ Kids Camp 2010hwcyouth2010-10-21T13:55:02754 views00:03:34

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