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  • The Apple Of My Eye (Original) Lyric Slide Show
    The Apple Of My Eye (Original) Lyric Slide ShowA song I got while in the shower and thought I'd share it with you. Words and Music by Linda Conn© Instruments and slide show as well.grannysings2015-05-09T21:34:3877 views00:02:30
  • God Loves Me Just The Way I Am (Original)
    God Loves Me Just The Way I Am (Original)God loves you, He just does not like sin, and wants us to be free from those things that holds us back from being all we can be for Him. Words and music by Linda Conn© Registered with Socan.grannysings2015-03-07T07:34:02114 views00:04:25
  • Adam Eve and Me (Cover Song)
    Adam Eve and Me (Cover Song)This is an older song with a great message that I learned from Charlie Gallman who played this on guitar at Robert Waycaster's Cabin grannysings2015-02-22T06:44:02107 views00:03:50
  • You Reign (Original) Lyric Slide show
    You Reign (Original) Lyric Slide showThis is a little praise song that came to me in Nov 2014. I decided to share this with the lyrics and the painting of Jesus that Akiane Kramarik painted with whom she believed she saw when in Heaven. I find His eyes filled with love, peace and ver...grannysings2015-02-13T20:59:03108 views00:01:50
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Cover Song LIve Karaoke
    Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Cover Song LIve Karaok...I dedicate this song to my Lord for all that He has done for me.grannysings2015-01-14T19:44:06186 views00:03:48
  • I Won't Let Go (Cover Song)
    I Won't Let Go (Cover Song)I Won't Let Go (Cover Song) by Rascal Flatts. Gordie and Linda Conn join together to sing and play piano. The words of this song has been very comforting during our hard times and was hoping if you have not heard this song that it too would comfor...grannysings2015-01-09T12:54:05262 views00:04:15
  • Happy Birthday Jesus (Cover) Live
    Happy Birthday Jesus (Cover) LiveThis song on a 45 rpm record by Mike Douglas helped me through Dec 2014 this year and introduced it to my family on Boxing Day. We decided to put together this fun video while learning the song together.grannysings2014-12-29T14:49:07129 views00:04:10
  • Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays (Original) Lyric Slide Show
    Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays (Original) Lyric Slid...I was encouraged by Randy Benjamin to write a Christmas Song. After much prayer I was in the shower when this song came in like a flood!! The tune and words came all at once this time. Words and Music by Linda Conn © Registered with Socan.grannysings2014-12-06T19:24:09182 views00:02:46
  • There's A Place For Us (cover) Live
    There's A Place For Us (cover) LiveThis song is written by Carrie Underwood. I have chosen this cover song as my last song for Internet. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to watch and listen to the 345 videos that I have put out there of myself, me and my husband Gord...grannysings2014-09-08T13:49:06226 views00:05:08
  • Little Bump (Original) Lyrics
    Little Bump (Original) LyricsWords and Music by Linda Conn Apr 10th 2014. Registered with Socan. Another chapter in my Musical Book.grannysings2014-09-01T16:53:53198 views00:02:40
  • Hanging Unto My Bike (Original) Lyrics
    Hanging Unto My Bike (Original) LyricsAnother chapter in my Musical History Book!! Even though the pictures are not accurate of the trail I was on, I believe you get the picture LOL!!! The cliff pictures are from my trip to Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail 1974. Words and Music by Linda...grannysings2014-08-05T14:28:58252 views00:01:45
  • There's Nothing So Beautiful (Original) Lyrics
    There's Nothing So Beautiful (Original) LyricsAnother chapter in my Musical History Book. Words and Music by Linda Conn 2014. Registered with Socan.grannysings2014-08-02T15:33:58254 views00:03:58
  • Your Child Within (Original) Lyrics
    Your Child Within (Original) Lyrics Words and Music by Linda Conn© Registered with Socan. I love putting music together for my Lord. Praying these songs will touch someone's heart and help them. With my mom being in a nursing home, I have seen the joy and her lovely child like ways...grannysings2014-08-02T14:58:58350 views00:04:31
  • God Says I Forgive You (Original) Lyrics
    God Says I Forgive You (Original) LyricsI Believe this song is meant for someone who has done something wrong in their life and very sad, depressed, or just feeling bad about it. I pray this little song lifts your spirits and gives you hope.grannysings2014-07-14T22:59:05388 views00:02:04
  • Only You (Original) Lyrics
    Only You (Original) LyricsWhile doing my Bible Study this song came to me. Words and Music by Linda Conn© Registered with Socan. Co-Writer Holy Spirit.grannysings2014-07-14T22:49:05254 views00:04:30
  • I'm In Your Hands (Original) Lyrics
    I'm In Your Hands (Original) LyricsThis song was birthed on the day the humidity broke and much needed fresh air blew in. I was feeling fantastic, and excited about my Lord and knew no matter what trials we go through in health etc, He is there to help. That day I gave Him all my c...grannysings2014-07-14T22:29:05228 views00:04:11

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