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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Philippians 4:5



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  • my brothers acting goofy
    my brothers acting goofymy big brothers acting funny and goofy they make me laugh every time they are together and i recoreded it a few times lol it makes me laugh every time i see it the laugh in the back ground gets me lolgoofychristiangirl2010-10-01T22:40:394,416 views00:00:18
  • beautiful california beach
    beautiful california beachjust a video of me and my family at the beach on a sunday afternoon the waves and sunset was really beautiful that day i love the beachgoofychristiangirl2010-10-01T22:40:383,342 views00:01:52
  • carson high schoo..New life club(christian club)
    carson high schoo..New life club(christian club)the week long rally held by "the new life club" at carson high school it is a short clip of the club president jonas speaking to the schoolgoofychristiangirl2010-10-01T22:40:383,546 views00:04:59
  • My family and i at my brothers track meet
    My family and i at my brothers track meetme,my dad,and my big brother watch my brother run track for carson high school at san pedro high school go carson!!!!!!!!!! and it is so darn funny because u can hear my dad in the back ground cheering my brother on lol and he is loud lolgoofychristiangirl2010-10-01T22:40:383,352 views00:00:18
  • jesus is no coward
    jesus is no cowardas christians we must understand that we must be like jesus and we need to stand firm and not be scared to relay gods message across no matter who it is to also god is counting on us to do christ work on this earthgoofychristiangirl2008-05-21T00:00:003,392 views00:04:59
  • False teachers(false religions)Part 1
    False teachers(false religions)Part 1this is just a video talking about scriptures that speak of false teaching in the last days and why people should watch out for them this is just part 1 part 2 will discuss what they are like a little more in detail i made a slight mistake in my v...goofychristiangirl2008-05-21T00:00:003,042 views00:05:58
  • god's great grace
    god's great gracethis video is talking about god's loving-kindness and his grace again this time i have a scripture to read from...goofychristiangirl2008-05-21T00:00:002,804 views00:06:18
  • god shows his love to everybody,everyday
    god shows his love to everybody,everydaysome people are discouraged because they believe that god do not love them well this video says one reason how god proves his love to all of us dailygoofychristiangirl2008-05-20T00:00:003,640 views00:03:17
  • my intro video
    my intro videojust me talking about how i will be putting up videos really soon so stay tunnedgoofychristiangirl2008-05-20T00:00:003,281 views00:02:29
  • There is no hell right??
    There is no hell right??a video i originally made for youtube for non believers of hell so its for people who believes there is no hellgoofychristiangirl2008-04-20T00:00:003,202 views00:04:01