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  • Here I am ( original )
    Here I am ( original )A video of a song( original ) I put together after I got saved on Nov. 14 / 2005 to remind me of where I had once been in the world now today in Christ Jesus. My wife maureen got saved on Nov. 9 / 1995, 10 yrs. before I was and praise God how He u...elmerj552010-10-02T02:23:51470 views00:04:15
  • Psalm 23
    Psalm 23A video of the Psalm 23 put into a song with a few words added to encourage all, of the Shepherd who laid His life down for His sheep, and we need to rejoice in the Power that is within us those of us in Christ Jesus. And share to all who need Jes...elmerj552010-10-02T02:23:18558 views00:05:59
  • When He Cometh
    When He ComethA video of the gospel song "When He Cometh",.our Savior's love for us to redeem us all from man's fall unto sin, came to save us 2000 yrs. ago and He will come to gather His precious jewels. Amen!elmerj552010-10-02T02:22:25713 views00:04:16
  • "How Excellent Your Name"
    "How Excellent Your Name"A video of the chorus " How Excellent Your Name ",...Psalm 8:1elmerj552010-10-02T02:21:24478 views00:05:31
  • Lord You've Been Good To Me
    Lord You've Been Good To MeA video of the gospel song " Lord You've Been Good To Me ". God bless to all..Amen!!elmerj552010-10-02T02:21:07842 views00:07:19
  • " All in All "
    " All in All "A video of a chorus you are my " All in All ".elmerj552010-10-02T02:20:01599 views00:06:10
  • No Place To Hide
    No Place To HideA video of a gospel song I heard many times sung by others and I want to share it with you's for it speaks to each one of us in Christ Jesus that we cannot hide from Him even now. He knows your whereabouts even behind closed doors, us thinking t...elmerj552010-10-02T02:19:551,010 views00:06:49
  • Freely, Freely
    Freely, FreelyA video of the gospel song " Freely, Freely ". I thank the Lord for the appointed time He called me home to Himself a wretched and lost soul I was deep in the trenches of sin, plucked me out of that miry clay on Nov. 14 / 2005â...elmerj552010-10-02T02:18:52989 views00:04:55
  • I Once Was Lost Now I"m Found
    I Once Was Lost Now I"m FoundA video of a few words I put together to remind myself of where I had once been in this world of darkness headed to a lost eternity. But thanks be to God for His Son who plucked me out of that miry clay. Into His hands I am eternally secure for He...elmerj552010-10-02T02:18:501,031 views00:03:45
  • In the sweet by and by
    In the sweet by and byA video of the gospel song " In the sweet by and by " And here are the words for it and I've included in the chorus our cree language version ; 1elmerj552010-10-02T02:17:31724 views00:05:48

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