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Begging the Question?
Do you ever feel pressure to share your faith in ways that seem awkward to you?

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He Hears Me When I Call



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  • Getting into Heaven, its 1 in 1000, take it serious
    Getting into Heaven, its 1 in 1000, take it serious During a tragic Near Death Experience, A conservative Presbyterian Pastor named Yong Park was taken to Heaven and Hell. He was shown why some saints are richly rewarded in Heaven, while others have no reward; why some saints have magnificent Mansi...robertbrownell2012-10-10T04:34:054,276 views00:42:41
  • Story to Inspire: William Wilberforce
    Story to Inspire: William WilberforceCheck out this awesome story of an amazing man of God: William Wilberforce.
    Also see the movie "Amazing Grace" about Wilberforce and his life:
    vids2inspire2012-11-02T15:29:0810,316 views00:01:41
  • What Makes a Hero?
    What Makes a Hero?Is there a special secret to being a hero? Look for some of these plot lines during your walk with God.anberlin_fan2012-12-07T14:34:093,496 views00:04:33
  • He is a Teacher, a Father of a Special Needs Child, and a Hero!
    He is a Teacher, a Father of a Special Needs Child, and a...If our schools were filled with teachers like Mr.Wright, we wouldn't have to pry our kids out of the bed in the morning. Mr. Wright teaches more than science, and physics, he teaches his students life lessons that they will remember even after the...anberlin_fan2013-01-03T13:09:0616,304 views00:11:57
  • Skit Guys - Little Billy: My God is So Big
    Skit Guys - Little Billy: My God is So BigFrom singing songs backwards, tags sewn in underwear and of course…the “no-no square”; Watch as Little Billy discovers how to sing “My God is so big” and Mr. Drummond discovers how big God really is. A great video to set up a message about God’s p...skitguys2013-02-20T18:39:1924,879 views00:12:45
  • Lion Hugs Rescuer!
    Lion Hugs Rescuer!Ana Julia Torres rescued this lion named Jupiter from terrible Colombian drug traffickers where he lived in terrible conditions. In this amazing video, Ana is reunited with Jupiter and he actually HUGS her. It's a beautiful moment that just remi...sharethemessage2013-02-22T01:09:1598,608 views00:00:39
  • A Brief Introduction to Jesus Christ
    A Brief Introduction to Jesus Christ240 Names and Qualities of God (Jesus Christ)
    robertbrownell2013-04-24T00:59:122,006 views00:18:20