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Why is it important to view Old Testament laws through the lens of Jesus’ fulfillment of them?

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Let Your Faith be Bigger than Your Fear



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  • Hang in There
    Hang in ThereDr. Dobson encourages parents to "hang in there" during the frustrations of parenting.drjamesdobson2016-07-20T14:09:244 views00:01:41
  • Inspiring the Underachiever
    Inspiring the UnderachieverDr. Dobson helps parents understand why a child may be an underachiever in school and how to best help that child succeed in his or her educational pursuits.drjamesdobson2016-07-12T19:02:025 views00:01:47
  • Teen Self-Esteem Assault
    Teen Self-Esteem AssaultDr. Dobson advises parents of adolescents to teach their children skills that can help them forge a strong self-identity and compensate for the hostile teenage years that await them in the coming years.drjamesdobson2016-07-06T15:07:3718 views00:01:49
  • Saying I'm Sorry
    Saying I'm SorryDr. Dobson notes how difficult it can be for people to apologize, especially as parents, but how being willing to do so offers opportunities for growth and demonstrates core Christian values to children.drjamesdobson2016-06-29T14:47:4911 views00:01:45
  • The Middle Child
    The Middle ChildDr. Dobson helps parents understand the dynamics of birth order in a family and how growing up as the "middle child" is often difficult. It typically requires extra attention to help compensate for feelings of inadequacy on the part of middle chil...drjamesdobson2016-06-27T12:47:3811 views00:01:45
  • Finding Fulfillment in Work
    Finding Fulfillment in WorkDr. Dobson refers to cruel psychological experiments that were performed on Nazi concentration camp prisoners to underscore the importance of finding work that is meaningful.drjamesdobson2016-06-14T19:10:209 views00:01:48
  • Marriage Stability and Children
    Marriage Stability and ChildrenDr. Dobson discusses risk factors that contribute to the healthy (or unhealthy) emotional development of a child, including whether or not his home life was disrupted by divorce or remarriage.drjamesdobson2016-06-06T17:12:2911 views00:01:49
  • Children's Inheritance
    Children's InheritanceDr. Dobson talks about life's phases, particularly retirement, as an opportunity to give of one's time in meaningful ways—such as helping single parents, mentoring needy children, and creating special memories with grandchildren.drjamesdobson2016-06-06T15:37:297 views00:01:42
  • Dealing with Grief
    Dealing with Grief​Dr. Dobson discusses the painful (but necessary) process of grieving, and vividly recalls how his mother died of a broken heart following the death of his father.drjamesdobson2016-05-24T18:02:5910 views00:01:43
  • Parental Sacrifice
    Parental SacrificeDr. Dobson recalls a formative experience from his own rebellious teen years to illustrate that every child should know that his parent's priorities will always be with the family whenever needs arise that require extra time and focus. No matter h...drjamesdobson2016-05-20T14:07:249 views00:01:42
  • Teen Development
    Teen DevelopmentDr. Dobson looks at the early-teen period of physical and social development, and in particular four "extremes" that perennially cause so many children such enormous distress: i.e., the late-maturing boy, the late-maturing girl, the early-maturing...drjamesdobson2016-05-11T11:57:3912 views00:01:44
  • Full-Time Mom
    Full-Time MomDr. Dobson encourages young women to pursue professional careers after college OR to have the confidence to choose to stay home and raise children. Either way, don't let others pressure you into anything, but rather make your own choices and alway...drjamesdobson2016-05-03T19:24:073 views00:01:46
  • Good Manners
    Good MannersDr. Dobson laments the lack of politeness and civility in our culture today, and emphasizes the importance of training children up well grounded in manners.drjamesdobson2016-04-26T18:17:1826 views00:01:45
  • Growing Pains
    Growing PainsDr. Dobson is reminded of a touching life lesson he learned many years ago involving a stray cat unsuccessfully fending for itself, and how it offers parallels to how we should consider the plight of many "stray" young people who are trying to fin...drjamesdobson2016-04-20T14:32:2311 views00:01:42
  • Growth Through Risks
    Growth Through RisksDr. Dobson explains the necessity of letting children occasionally struggle through possible failure to work through challenges on their own, though the natural inclination of a parent is to intervene and provide for their child's needs in every m...drjamesdobson2016-04-12T22:46:4215 views00:01:42
  • Freedom and Respect
    Freedom and RespectDr. Dobson invokes the old adage, "If you love something, set it free..." to explain that people are naturally more attracted to those who are self-confident and don't seem overly needy. And for romantic relationships or practically any other kind...drjamesdobson2016-04-05T17:37:0922 views00:01:46