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Itching Ears
Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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Father, Please Keep Them Safe This Year



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  • Prince Caspian - Lucy Meets Aslan
    Prince Caspian - Lucy Meets AslanPrince Caspian - Lucy Meets Aslansoccerbuff77232010-10-01T22:34:495,721 views00:00:09
  • Lucy - Skillet  *SONG ONLY*
    Lucy - Skillet *SONG ONLY*Song: Lucy

    Artist: Skillet
    lukemyers2010-10-02T01:27:065,395 views00:03:38
  • Dog bites his own leg
    Dog bites his own legThis dog, thinking someone is trying to steal his food, fights off his encounter by biting them, but what he does not know is that its is his own leg. Dont you hate it when your leg tries to steal your food?chi-rho2011-05-08T20:29:344,646 views00:00:48
  • So Cute and Funny! A Barking Cat
    So Cute and Funny! A Barking CatThis cat, barking like a dog, thinks he is all by himself but later on he realizes that his owner is still there. So the cat stops barking and starts meowing againchi-rho2011-06-27T19:14:513,112 views00:00:22
  • Adorable Two Legged Dog
    Adorable Two Legged DogThis little dog has a joyful spirit despite not having two front legs. We all have things holding us back from having the same joy in life--allow this little pup to remind you that all things are possible with God.godtube-animals2011-11-03T22:04:2514,632 views00:00:11