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The Dangerous Culprit
In what areas of your life have you been struggling with temptation?

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  • Never Alone by Barlow Girl
    Never Alone by Barlow GirlThis is the Offical Never Alone Music Video, from their lastest Cd Another Journal Entry EXPANDED EDITION.zoekat172008-03-17T00:00:00500,804 views00:04:30
  • Indescribable - Chris Tomlin
    Indescribable - Chris TomlinIndescribable by Chris Tomlinjkstar092008-03-17T00:00:00382,936 views00:03:57
  • Mirror by Barlowgirl
    Mirror by BarlowgirlHey yall, this is a video that my sister and I made while babysitting. I hope you like it. We decided that we wanted to make a music video, and so we did. God bless those amazing girls! Please comment and rate. Thanks for watching.iamhis4eva2008-03-17T00:00:007,659 views00:04:04
  • March for Life
    March for LifeVideo of the 2008 March for Life set to "Beautiful Name" by ZoeGirlexsemnowlaw2008-03-17T00:00:002,871 views00:04:03
  • Stand in the Rain
    Stand in the RainSong:stand in the Rain

    Please Rate and comment! thank you God Bless
    revolutionarymaria2008-03-17T00:00:0018,911 views00:03:15
  • Me agansist the World
    Me agansist the WorldI did this because I liked the song!

    Song: Me against the world
    Band: Superchick
    revolutionarymaria2008-03-17T00:00:0010,816 views00:02:56
  • Hero
    HeroThis is done by me, My friend put up a challenge for me to make a video with the song Hero by superchick. I gladly took the challenge and came to realize it would be more difficult then I expected. So after three day working on it this is the end ...revolutionarymaria2008-03-17T00:00:0013,012 views00:04:26
  • Average Girl
    Average GirlThis is my Fav song and is so me when it comes to dating and having Guy friends. I like having guy friends because im use to havin This is my Fav song and is so me when it comes to dating and having Guy friends. I like having guy friends because i...revolutionarymaria2010-10-01T22:14:0716,266 views00:03:25
  • anime pain
    anime painthis is my sec vid so happy sorry tword the end got a bit sloppy11576302008-06-26T00:00:007,512 views00:03:31
  • anime mirror
    anime mirrorwell i got bored at ten at night so i wanted to make another video it took me til 12 so hope you think its ok this song really means alot to me really think about the words11576302008-01-01T00:00:006,438 views00:03:59
  • The Last Night
    The Last NightHey guys! It is finally done! This was very ANNOYING to make!! Enjoy!<br />
    cytfanatic2008-08-18T00:00:005,047 views00:03:30
  • anime on my own
    anime on my ownhey this is my 5th vid um i got bored so i thought i would just make a video!! please tell me what you think i l-o-v-e reading the notes you guys or girls write!11576302008-08-26T00:00:005,150 views00:03:15
  • anime losing grip
    anime losing griphey this is my 6th vid hope ya like it it took me a llllloooooooooonnnn-wait....acually not long at all like an hour and a half!!11576302008-08-31T00:00:006,014 views00:03:58
  • Ignition
    IgnitionHey everyone this is my second anime music video!&lt;br /&gt;
    Hope you guys like it! There's more to come.&lt;br /&gt;
    cytfanatic2008-10-01T00:00:003,924 views00:04:08
  • Held
    HeldThis movie was REALLY fun to make, as I was making it, it put tears in my eyes. I did my best to cut out the Animal ears on some of the Anime girls. Because 1 of my friends loves this song, but, that person dose not like the animal ears though. An...cytfanatic2008-10-08T00:00:004,193 views00:04:27
  • I am Letting Go
    I am Letting GoHi, I'm LilAuthor's lil sis, I hope ya'll like this vid. It's my first ever vid, and, well. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!! I hope ya'll like this vid, if you don't. Please don't tell me, it'll hurt my feelings really bad. And that's not wrong, so...cytfanatic2010-10-01T23:36:233,489 views00:02:59