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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Philippians 4:5



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  • Victims of Nargis
    Victims of NargisAfter a catastrophic cyclone, one man fights to stay alive, and cries to an unknown God, saying, "if you're real, don't let me die!"conmedalattangle2013-10-29T05:04:04494 views00:07:37
  • The Platform
    The PlatformEpisode 1 of our exciting new missions documentary series. This week 10 nations gather in Thailand for an apostolic summit called, "Platform."conmedalattangle2013-10-19T03:14:04501 views00:07:02
  • Continuum Today - 02 Oct '12
    Continuum Today - 02 Oct '12Tremendous words are coming forth in the Open Heaven conference in Victory Asia - Philippines, and God is moving in awesome ways. It's an opportunity for all of us to press in to receive MORE of God!conmedalattangle2012-11-08T05:09:07475 views00:02:02
  • Continuum Today - 04 Oct '12
    Continuum Today - 04 Oct '12Inventive ways to connect with the community is the subject of today's CT!conmedalattangle2012-11-08T04:19:06423 views00:01:44
  • Continuum Today - 05 Sept '12
    Continuum Today - 05 Sept '12Meet some of the new students at Victory Bible college in Thailand, and get to hear their hearts.conmedalattangle2012-09-19T22:45:10421 views00:01:58
  • Continuum Today - 04 Sept '12
    Continuum Today - 04 Sept '12The launch of Victory Bible College International, Asia kicks off with some familiar faces returning for more of God.conmedalattangle2012-09-19T22:24:07394 views00:03:27
  • The Blessing
    The BlessingDr. Al & Terry Purvis have gathered their team of leaders for an annual Asian Summit. Here, vision is cast, ministries are birthed through prayer and a family of believers is brought together in unity to rekindle their passion for a brand new seas...conmedalattangle2012-04-11T05:24:04746 views00:28:32
  • Inside Look: Philippines
    Inside Look: PhilippinesThe island nation of the Philippines is one of the great treasures of Southeast Asia, yet its natural wonder cannot compare with the spiritual transformation currently sweeping the country. Ministries like Victory Churches of Asia, Philippines are...conmedalattangle2012-04-04T03:29:05829 views00:28:34
  • Xtreme Discipleship
    Xtreme DiscipleshipXtreme Victory Youth Ministry is putting a new face on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and are expanding the Kingdom of God in ways you and I may not recognize in the West.

    But can this radical method of outreach effectively creat...
    conmedalattangle2012-02-15T09:29:36555 views00:28:59
  • Short Term Missions
    Short Term MissionsMen and women everywhere are rising up in response to the Great Commission of Jesus to, "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations."

    Short Term Missions has become the vehicle for many in these last days to obey Jesus' com...
    conmedalattangle2012-02-03T09:19:21557 views00:28:30
  • Incredible India
    Incredible IndiaIn a nation like India where cows are valued more highly than humanity, how do we gain the momentum needed to lead over 1 billion people to the destiny God has for them?

    Today on Continuum we're in Incredible India, and we'll take you t...
    conmedalattangle2012-01-20T22:09:35573 views00:28:30
  • Giving Thanks
    Giving ThanksThanksgiving is a national holiday for North Americans, but celebrations of thankfulness transcend borders and cultures as people from around the globe give thanks in their own unique ways.

    conmedalattangle2011-11-21T04:44:52743 views00:28:30
  • 7 Weeks in Asia 2010 3/6
    7 Weeks in Asia 2010 3/6This week the team ministers across Thailand and their character is stretched to breaking point.

    Watch this hilarious segment and log onto for more stories and ways to sign up for this year's 7 Weeks in Asia mission!
    conmedalattangle2011-07-28T11:15:03437 views00:28:59
  • 7 Weeks in Asia 2010 2/6
    7 Weeks in Asia 2010 2/6Part 2 of 6 focuses on the team as they are introduced to Asian culture by living with a Thai family for the weekend.

    Log onto for more stories and ways to sign up for this year's 7 Weeks in Asia mission!

    conmedalattangle2011-07-28T10:10:02561 views00:28:59
  • 7 Weeks in Asia 2010 1/6
    7 Weeks in Asia 2010 1/6Part 1 of 6 introduces this year's team members and plunges them into ministry head first.

    Log onto for more stories and ways to sign up for this year's 7 Weeks in Asia mission!

    Episode 9 of the 2010-20...
    conmedalattangle2011-07-28T05:44:48493 views00:28:59
  • Driving a Stake in the Ground II
    Driving a Stake in the Ground IIThis two part documentary is based on a 30-year battle to lay a solid foundation of faith in Thailand.

    Join Al & Terry Purvis and their ministry team as they enter into the fight of their lives to save the Lighthouse, the culmination of...
    conmedalattangle2011-06-02T02:19:04741 views00:28:59