• 2012-06-24T22:24:20

Reviving Davidic Dance in the 21st century while giving glory ONLY to the God of Israel, visit the official website at: http://www.NewHeightsDance.com Help NH reach 300 Likes on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/NewHeightsDance Subscribe on the official YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/IDanceatHeart

  • 2012-01-16T11:22:44

I have several new books I added to my iBookStore, these are from my drawing books, comic books, and a child story I wrote and illustrated for Easter. www.jmgstudio.net

  • 2011-12-26T00:05:53

Have a Merry Christmas Eve and a great Christmas day!

  • 2011-08-21T06:04:59

Take a FREE account at: www.messiahtube.com and www.messiahstream.tv

  • 2011-08-14T02:23:44

go to save holy sites dot com to know the truth about Elenin, apophis, and Earth disaster(s) researched by trained researcher, get encouragement, submit prayer request for life, get the only facts on how to survive and see the day after. at my holy house dot com see videos on this topic, documentaries, pics, encouragements how various wars, i.e. Israel mid east, China factor in with U.S. policy and politics, news reports on most come now, choose life!

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