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Longest post ever! ;)

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lots of good thoughts

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To keep our eyes on Him. To stay face to face with Him, we must have a patience that comes from Love, God’s love. The love chapter says that love is patient. Patience is not self-control (Word study – long suffering; passionate). Psalms 37:7 ‘Rest’ (be still) in the Lord and ‘wait’ patiently for Him. One definition of waiting is to be still. This makes sense in our English. But another definition is ‘taking a leisure walk’. Remember God and Adam walked in the cool of the day. True Rest is found in a right relationship with God. This was stolen from us with the first Adam and restored back to us by the second Adam, Jesus! And then waiting patiently is not a passive view but a long-passionate performance. So no matter what we think God is doing or not doing, we keep our eyes on His face, His glory! This type of waiting patience needs intense focus, passion and constant development of our integrity. I will describe this type of waiting patience in three areas that we should also develop in our lives. Because according to the promise in- Ezekiel 39:29, “I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit on the house of Israel”. So through Him pouring out His Spirit on us, we will be able to continuously see His face! The amount He knows we can handle. But we must keep our eyes on Him and not on the distractions/testing’s around us. But what are these distractions/testing’s? 1. Jacob’s footsteps – Despite his personal issues with deception and manipulation, through ‘waiting patiently’, had an intense desire for the blessing of the Lord (Genesis 32); Read Genesis 32:22-32. It was Jacob’s quest for God’s face that started the change. This is a reminder that ‘we don’t need to be perfect to start this quest’. 2. Elisha’s footsteps – Elisha’s ‘waiting patiently’ determined his experience with spiritual breakthrough. Only integrity and passion could grant the request Elisha asked for (2 Kings 2:9-10). It was Elisha’s focus on keeping his eyes on the assignment that granted him his request. How was Elijah taken up (:11)? God desires to give us spiritual gifts but He is merciful enough to not give us something He will have to judge us for later. And when we receive these gifts to help the body of Christ, we must remember that we have not ‘Arrived’. ‘Hold on to the integrity and passion that got us those gifts because this is a lifelong quest.’. 3. Jesus’ footsteps – Like Elisha we must fix our eyes on our Master. And our Master is Jesus! Jesus, while here on earth, fixed His eyes on the Father. Like Elisha His integrity was tested. And he showed a passionate focus on the joy set before Him (Heb. 12:2). Through the darkest moment in His life, the crucifixion, He still kept His eyes on the Father. He saw what was on the other side, reconciliation of humanity back to their Creator. ‘We must remember, even in our darkest moments, the joy that is set before us. ‘ Through all of these distractions or testing’s we must remember that they are invitation for greater power and intimacy with Him. If what Ezekiel says is true, that the face is God will be seen through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, than we cannot work for it. We cannot wait to be perfect, or wait for heaven to split open with all kinds of revelations, or wait for specific answers to why we are in this dark place of our lives. But by seeking God’s face we are saying we want intimacy with Him through the Holy Spirit in us. Intimacy not works develops the fruit of the Spirit, which will help us in these areas. Back to Psalms 37 – ‘We come to God with a rest that pursues!’. In the beginning I talked about how patience is not self-control. This does not mean we have no need for self-control. If patience is long-suffering for something you are passionate about, than self-control is what sustains (holds on to) this patience. Self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. We can only get it by being in communion with Him. So true self-control can only be seen through harmony with the values of the Holy Spirit. In this harmony we allow no distractions from what the Holy Spirit is guiding us into. Jesus demonstrated this perfectly. His set His eyes on Jerusalem, the city He would be crucified in. His face was towards Jerusalem and nothing could distract Him. The same challenge is ours: Set your face towards His purpose. By setting your face you will in return see His face…. His glory, the amount He knows you can handle!

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