• 2011-10-12T18:49:06

Though i respect Dr. Charles Stanley, i also realize that no man's view of Scripture is infallible! Next, if the Spirit and God are one and the same Divine Person As the Bible teaches (John.4:24; 2Cor.3:17) and God does not change(Malachi.3:6; Romans.11:29), it should be a no brainier! Also seems that you might not have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, if you did you wouldn't be confused, no offense intended. Though God has given us (individuals as Ministry-gifts) to teach of us His word, it is equally true that He gives the Holy Ghost to all of His children, not just so WE can say, I have the Spirit of God! But As Jesus taught, the Spirit is present within you to teach you all things that He has said (John.14:26; John.16:13) and John said as well concerning the (Unction=Holy Ghost 1John.2:20; Anointing=Holy Ghost 1john.2:27) will enable us to know all truth and teach us all things! All true believers are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise (Eph.3:30; Eph.1:13-14; Gal.3:13-14). My friend the Spirit is the Lord and the Lord is the Spirit and He Changes not!

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Please teach us about speaking tongues, healing ministry, and all those Holy Spirit activities etc...according to scriptures...are they really God 's will or not..thanks...i'm confused...

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