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I am very sorry to see anyone use the chruch to spread lfalse information! That is what appears to be happening with the video 10 reasons why Michaeal Jackson's death matter. It has been almost two years since he died and it is sad to see a church still attempting to misinform the public. Michael Jackson was found innocent in 2005. Anyone interested can read the FBI file online which shows the FBI looked all over the World for evidence for DA Tom Sneddon and could NOT find anything to substantiate the allegation against him. Michael gave over 500 million to Charity! He was not a person concerned only with money as the video about aboout him alledged. He founded the Heal the World Foundation to help the disadvantaged. He visited hospitals and gave gifts to people. He knew leaders from all over the world including Nelson Mandella who had been a political prisoner. Michael Jackson has chidren that love him, and this video is false and insulting to his memory. Thousands of people are falsely accused in the United States which is proven by the the number of people released from prison based on DNA evidence that was not available at trial. Michael Jackson's demons were the Tabloid media, he was not parinoid, documentaries have shown the tabloid media was willing to pay anyone for a story so they could sell papers, and Micheals name got attention. Then there was a DA that had a history of malicious prosecution based on lawsuits filed on him who many believe had a personal vendatta agains Michael. Michaels attorney and others have suggested Mr. Sneddon should be in jail for malicious prosecution. Michael wrote many inspiring songs. Michael Jackson Fan advocate for Truth.

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