• 2012-10-29T03:03:31

That is exactly what Emerson Eggeriches says in his book Love and Respect and he has many good articles on his web site. Men speak and hear in blue (aka in the language of respect) and Women speak and hear in pink (aka in the language of love) and because Men are men and Women and women we will have conflicts and differences but just because we do does not mean that we need to ruin our marriages by being on a constant "Crazy Cycle" (Without Love She reacts without respect, and Without Respect he reacts without love). What we need to do is this, even if we as men are disrespected we still need to show love to our wives, out of obedience to Ephesians 5:33 and wives even when you are not loved you need to still show respect to your husband in obedience to Ephesians 5:33. As a man and a husband I have been trying to be more loving to my wife at all times even and 'especially' when she is being unloving to me. As a husband I need to be the mature one by showing her love first not just so that she might meet my need for respect but to cheerfully obey my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ :)

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