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  • 2012-07-07T02:21:30

I laughed when his daughter said "Well his beard grew out more" lol.

  • 2011-11-14T02:29:44

Awesome Testimony

  • 2011-10-25T15:51:13

God truly does want the best for our lives.....His way can have meaning, purpose, joy, fulfillment, love, and so much more.

  • 2011-07-11T08:37:55

Bryan's story is completely consistent with God's word and other Musicians God has annointed before him. This song here is just like his story. God is sooo wonderful! Barry Mcquire - Cosmic Cowboy. 1970 something... I met a Cosmic Cowboy. Riding a Stary range. He's a Supernatural Cowboy. And he's dressed up kind of strange. And at first I didn't see him. Being out there on the run. Yeah, but that ol' hat that he's wearin'. He's shinin' brighter than the Sun. And when my eyes adjusted. to the flashing of his smile. Hey I saw his invitation. He said "Come on Barry, we'll go riding for awhile". Cowboy of the light. Shooting rainbows thru the night. We rode along together. For more than half a day. Right thru the change of weather. The sky was all turning grey. Chilly winds were blowing. Oh - cold was cutting deep. Yeah then it started snowin'. The trail was getting steep. I was just about to turn around. And head back the way we came. Some how without a sound. I heard him call my name. Cowboy of the light. Shooting rainbows thru the night. And looking up, I saw that we "was" high upon this bridge. And he took me by my arm and led me right over to the edge. Hey... I was so scared I couldn't find a single word to say. You know this 10 thousand feet of empty air. And it was just about an inch away. But a MILLION miles WAS out beyond the waving of his hand! I was looking thru his eyes. Right into another LAND! Cowboy of the light. Shooting rainbows thru the night. He said this is my Father's ranch. As far you can see. He may it out enough to every branch & every tree. The stars, all the mountains. The rivers, streams, The Oceans, the fountains, THE VALLEY OF YOUR DREAMS! I KNOW THAT PLACE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR... The place you long to be. TRUTH IS... I'M THE ONLY DOOR. YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO PASS THRU ME! Bending back, I tipped my hat. To look him in the eye. But he just smiled and gave confidence. GO AHEAD AND TRY! OHHHH BOY! It was now or never. And I... know I had to start. So I took that step. And I went FALLING. straight through his heart. The first thing that I noticed. Coming out the other side. All my fears had vanished. He taught me how to fly! Cowboy of the light. Shooting rainbows thru the night. Aww yeah there's a Cosmic Cowboy. And he rides a Stary range. He's a supernatural Cowboy. And - He is dressed up kinda strange. To think I nearly missed him. Being out there on the run. But that ol' hat that he's wearing. It's shining BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN. And when my eyes adjusted. To the flashing of his smile. I saw his invitation. Saying come on Barry. We'll go riding for awhile! Wow!

  • 2011-05-25T03:01:41

I'm encouraged by this video.

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