A 2 Year-Old Gives Her Mommy the Most Heartwarming Birthday Wish :) ADORABLE



  • 2014-01-05T23:47:51

Whenever I'm feeling a little down, I watch this video, it always turn my day around! I also think a little star has been born! This is simply beautiful! If I were her mommy I would have this on a 80 inch screen in rotation on my living room television:)

  • 2013-11-04T17:27:07

This is so CUTE

  • 2013-11-02T11:28:35

God bless u & give u the heart to love your mum continually

  • 2013-11-01T16:57:15

..your so sweet little angel.. hope you will be the same ti you've grown up.. Godbless to you!!

  • 2013-10-31T01:26:54

I love it... especially... "And you work sooo hard."

  • 2013-10-27T22:32:56

especially for our mommy <3

  • 2013-10-24T06:05:50

Dats the cutest and sweetest thing i have ever seen or heard....a very precious gift i guesss...u are lovely baby....

  • 2013-10-21T19:11:14

She is just so precious....

  • 2013-10-21T04:12:35

If you need a laugh, a smile or a pick me up watch this!!!!

  • 2013-10-21T04:11:41

Oh my goodness! I can't take it! Too adorable!

  • 2013-10-20T18:10:25

Every mother should see this! What a beautiful rendition

  • 2013-10-20T09:27:57

What a tribute to this little girls mom. :)

  • 2013-10-19T16:12:53

Every Mom's dream,

  • 2013-10-19T15:20:41

God bless this beautiful child. This is what every mum would love for a gift.

  • 2013-10-19T14:59:59

so very sweet

  • 2013-10-19T13:49:47

So sweet and done with so much love

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