They Re-Wrote Katy Perry's Roar to Show the World Their Incredible Faith and Strength



  • 2014-07-21T18:36:35

Watch Online Katy Perry - "Roar" Free http://goo.gl/6MbLhX What a music video & what a lyrics. Do u wana miss it I think ..........

  • 2014-02-27T07:47:16

Who are these guys? They are awesome!!!

  • 2014-02-17T22:42:34

who are these guys?

  • 2014-02-06T13:43:15

Fantastic testimony of faith and strength! Great voices! Wonderful people! I love the "redo" of the song! Hopefully, people will realize that God is our strength in time of trouble or need! Faith is the key! God is LOVE! Beautiful job!

  • 2013-12-06T08:09:51

Jenny me gusta mas esta version!!!!

  • 2013-11-14T23:55:32

I may be missing something but does anyone know who these guys are?

  • 2013-11-11T04:43:38

Whats the name of this group?

  • 2013-11-09T23:43:29

Awsome job, I love the way the song was re-written this is worth listening to! Thank you and God Bless you all!

  • 2013-11-08T15:31:57

Very well done, guys. "Roar" is already an inspiring song to begin with, but your version just kicked it up a few notches with the stories told in the video. Katy Perry is an evangelist's daughter, but like many preacher's kids she grew up in legalism, isolation and do's-and-don'ts and rejected the faith after becoming an adult. Her parents set a horrible example. I'm praying for Miss Katy's salvation, and that she will come to a true relationship with Jesus for the first time in her life. I ask all others to do the same.

  • 2013-11-08T14:18:12

Can I have the lyrics? Thank you! :))

  • 2013-11-08T04:55:08

Loved this :) so well done xo

  • 2013-11-06T23:41:50

this is a very good video

  • 2013-11-06T23:30:48

This is a beautiful song! Praise The Lord.

  • 2013-11-06T10:39:24

nice rhythm! nice message

  • 2013-11-06T05:32:49

It's pretty bothersome that this video promotes the mentality that suffering from depression can be fixed by having faith. Depression is a serious mental health issue that should not be shrugged off as something that you can fix yourself if you have enough faith. It's almost as if this video sets people up to feel as though they don't have enough faith if their depression does not go away or gets worse-- which could ultimately lead to this depression becoming more severe. I encourage those who feel they are depressed to get help. It is ok to get help-- it doesn't mean you have less faith than anyone else or that God does not favor you enough to allow your faith in Him to be the only remedy you need. When making videos such as this that may reach a wide audience, it is always best to consider how many people you could possibly be hurting more than helping. Mental illness affects many lives, and I feel that assumptions such as the one promoted by this video only further stigmatize mental illness and cause those living with a mental illness to feel shameful.

  • 2013-11-06T00:46:06

Kory Van Matre have y'all ever done or thought of doing any of the shows like American Idol or The Voice?? You remind me of the Gaither Vocal Band (yes, that shows my age LOL) You are right up there on par with them!! Most excellent indeed PTL!!!

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