Fish Jumps Into Boat. . .Man Jumps Out! Too Funny!



  • 2015-08-23T14:18:01

The best fishing experience I have ever seen in many years.

  • 2015-04-25T03:31:19

One for the fish...They thought it was fun to catch a poor fish just trying to eat..they did not think it so funny when the fish fought back, LOL.

  • 2014-01-18T19:42:16

hahahahahaha.......u can't blame him adrenaline at work

  • 2013-11-20T07:04:44

Quite dangerous, I need to cancel my fishing trip this afternoon.

  • 2013-11-16T01:48:17

Angela, that was funny.

  • 2013-11-15T23:59:35

thats hilarious !!!!!!!

  • 2013-11-15T13:43:18

Kumusta po

  • 2013-11-15T04:44:18

I can't stop laughing!!

  • 2013-11-15T03:15:53

Beware of the big fish, big catch. Even in the Christian life, they at times make you jump out, scary heh? Simply trust God for what He gives. he knows.

  • 2013-11-15T01:55:14

I think they should stick to being fishers for men!

  • 2013-11-15T01:48:12

It sound like they were laughing at themselves as they were trying to get out of the way. Well if they did not I did every time I look this. ha ha ha ha..... You know what Beale Tilton I think you are right.....

  • 2013-11-15T00:54:39

Straddle him on the boat like a Crock. Let him calm Down. Pick him up- hold him! Get you're picture. Then tell him. Thank You - Go make Lots of Babies. And Let Him Go!!!

  • 2013-11-14T22:05:04

that is dangerous! I think jumping out of the boat saved his life by not getting stab by the bill of the swordfish!!!

  • 2013-11-14T21:05:40

I probably would have jumped out too if I saw a swordfish coming toward me! There have been several hospitalizations and one death reported from people being skewered by a swordfish!

  • 2013-11-14T18:29:47

what is funny if such a big fish is in deathwar? :-(

  • 2013-11-14T18:25:45


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