Touching Cardboard Testimonies from Kids



  • 2013-10-13T21:31:45

How empowering for these students! With Jesus' Love, proper encouragement and teaching (discipline) from important adults in their lives, they will rise from the challenges they face and not only become our leaders, our humble followers and stellar adults, they will follow the Lord, their God, who is their biggest source of encouragement. Parents, please be your children's biggest cheerleaders and their door to Christ. You won't regret it, even though it is often a tiring, thankless, and sometimes hopeless feeling to have this awesome responsibility. The youth will follow if only led in righteousness and truth and will then one day give back to society even more than you can ever believe. Please, be kind to your children; raising them in the Lord, as he has commanded us to do. Building their self-esteem is NOT spoiling them!! Your words and tone of voice can tear them down or LIFT THEM UP!! Catch them being good and reward them with your love and time and positive discipline (teaching). Also, please MODEL for them-a child who hears yelling, yells. A child who is hit, hits. A child allowed to watch things that God would not approve of or do things He would not approve of learns rebellion and is highly subject to the whispers of Satan and his demons. Yes, I believe in Biblical Spanking, but I have found it is rarely done in the truly Biblical way. This, too, incites rebellion. Please, above all ,SHOW your children the Love God, Jesus Christ has for you.

  • 2013-10-13T21:10:13

Amen to that Gail! :)

  • 2013-10-05T13:08:19

Who touching but yet there is always hope and deliverance Gods our creator Jesus our lord and savior our intercessor but parents to caretakers are our infants to teens to young men and young women first teacher too role model example we need to define fine gods love Christ like will and way especially in these last days prayer faith hope covers a multitude nobodies perfect that is why father God Jehovah sent his only begotten son Jesus to stand in the gap and take on our transgression sin faults and deeds and e.t.c read about God love 1#Corinthians 13:4-13 we all should try and love as Jesus love when he walk this earth as and true example of the father love grace and mercy unto all our children are our present and future the adversary to his advocates know this as well! God our father who art in heaven blessed and cover our youth of the nation to infants to fetus in the wombs with thy blood that was shed on Calvary the day that your beloved it son won in Jesus name i pray let thy church say amen

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