92 Year-Old Man's Jaw Dropping Opera Performance



  • 2013-10-13T23:51:01

Absolutely amazing!

  • 2013-10-02T22:10:38

wow, I loved it. Amazing voice!

  • 2013-09-24T23:19:10

yes, He should go on America Got talent. That would be amazing

  • 2013-09-23T18:48:47

Talent never gets old...

  • 2013-09-22T21:38:06

I agree that he should go....Why??? for the fun of it...to share his voice with a nation wide audience. To wow the judges, and all the doubters....Why...just becasue at 92, he can....and for no other reason! I can't hlep but think God would make his presence known and there would be many blessings!

  • 2013-09-22T14:01:17

The body is 92 years old, but the Spirit is ageless

  • 2013-09-22T12:13:09

Clare, you made me laugh so hard this morning w your comment! Thanks!

  • 2013-09-21T22:27:06

Felicidades de México

  • 2013-09-21T14:15:44

There is more REAL talent out here than one can imagine. More beautiful people too. But look what makes the NEWS and MAGAZINES.

  • 2013-09-21T13:26:33

Love opera...don't sing myself...but listening to it makes me think of the Italian men who wrote such lovely music for us to hear all these years later...thank God these men wrote so we can still hear the love of music back in the day...God Bless this gentleman...his voice...brings tears to my eyes...my Aunts and Uncles were fans of opera...made me one too...it takes a lot to sing and act in a concert let alone a production...for more than an hour....may opera never leave us...God's gift to us...

  • 2013-09-21T12:18:08

Wow, God bless him, AMAZING

  • 2013-09-21T12:16:04

Why would he waste an amazing voice like this on that show?

  • 2013-09-21T12:15:34

AMAZING! Totally effortless - superb breath control. The male voice does mature with age but at 92 he would put lots of the younger Tenors to shame. (I watched and listened to George Bev. Shea at the age of 104 and again his bass voice was like velvet). Just wish I had encountered voices like this throughout my singing teaching career!! God bless this man.

  • 2013-09-20T23:20:43

Uh, he's 92, and sings better than 92% of the people on this planet.

  • 2013-09-19T20:43:33

Should be labeled "Jaw Dropping Opera Performance"...and it was!!

  • 2013-09-17T11:56:30

Let's give that man a cookie!

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