Skillet - Sick Of It Official Music Video



  • 2014-01-05T20:00:32

Thank you God for making us all different. Some Christians like this it helps when you have teens who are influenced by the world to connect with our kids and i say THANK GOD FOR THIS BRIDGE

  • 2014-01-05T19:56:58

Listen with a open heart and mind and anyway not all Christians want old Hymns some of us like to ROCK CUZ GOD IS KOOL.

  • 2014-01-05T19:52:15

Gods message is never lost even if it only reaches one HE is GOD SO IT'S NOT A PROBLEM FOR HIM in Christ

  • 2013-12-17T01:30:39

Amen to that so ture

  • 2013-11-08T18:55:43

I am a 16 year old teen and between Chris Tomlin Toby Mac and all the others Skillet is the band that has the most influence on me, and thats fine if you dont like this song but if you dont like it cause they are not mentioning Gods name YHWH you are terribly wrong if you go to one of there concerts they are always mentioning God and if you listen to the lyrics of there songs you would realize all there songs they get from scripture so yeah some of there music is loud but dont dislike them cause they dont mention Gods name cause all of there music has Gods word and the bible says we should be loud and shout for his glory not keep it quiet to our selves so yeah anything im sick of im going to give it all to God my SAVIOR and im not going to keep it quiet to myself im going to SHOUT HIS NAME cause he gave his only begotten son to save the world and that is something that will make me worship as LOUD AS I CAN are we sick of sin or worship cause i know what im sick of and its not worship

  • 2013-07-20T03:24:40

I am 65 and a Christian and I love Skillet and their songs. I never miss their concerts when they are in my area. They may not be contemporary but they DO carry the worship of God and Christ in their music. Maybe you are not listening with your heart but with a closed mind.

  • 2013-07-08T10:57:49

Stephen Paul Niven the entire book of Esther omits God's name and doesn't point to God as the solution to the people's dilemma. John Cooper is a Christian and so are the members of Skillet. He unashamedly proclaims the power of the Gospel at their concerts.

  • 2013-07-06T00:29:21

I would much rather my children listen to Skillet & they do.... Than to listen to the other garbage that is out there. Not all of their stuff is "heavy metal" as some say. But listen to the lyrics & it will speak to your heart. We've heard them in concert & loved it. So funny how Christians are so quick to judge. We all have a testimony........

  • 2013-07-04T22:42:23

You can also abuse the names of God...there was a time no one spoke the name of God at all for fear that there might be the slightest of possibilities that they might use it incorrectly. And today people misuse it so often, they attribute saying and situations to God that have nothing to do with God. And in music, especially of the hardcore rock variety, it is very possible to make such a mistake due to the rhythmic lyrical style. Thus singers like TobyMac purposely avoids saying HIS name too often for fear of not holding it HOLY enough. TobyMac has an album that mentions God 14 times in 17 songs. But I doubt you'd accuse him of being of the world.... And to further the point, I can walk past a person living on the street and say "Are you sick of it? You need to raise your hand. And take a stand." chances are they will ask how, and if they don't the next time I see them they will allow a conversation. Or I could use your advice and look down on them while saying "IF YOU DON'T ACCEPT CHRIST YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!" I wonder what the chances are he allows me to witness to him...hmmmmm... But then again you might be correct, the only way to reach people on the edge is to completely avoid them and sit in your Ivory Towers and preach to your choirs... I'll consider it.....haha..heck, no I won't.

  • 2013-07-03T16:21:38

They are doing EXACTLY what Jesus did!!! Going out into a world of sin and ministering to it. You CANNOT change a world if you shrink form it and we are as the Word says, the hands and feet of God. We go out and spread the "good news" and God will activate the change, BUT WE have to open the door. And if God says we are to live by CHRIST'S example, then we should be going out and making disciples of ALL nations too. Just like Skillet, U2 and other bands that may not be straight out praise and worship, but to GOD it is an act of praise an worship. It lifts up His mane and it is opening doors for God to bring souls. This is the gift that God has put on my and my husbands heart. To do what Jesus did, to go out to the untouchable. The ones, I am very sorry to say, other proper Christians that expect everyone to be perfect won't touch. SIN is NOT a disease!!!! If we are grounded enough in Christ and God is the center of our very being, we will be that LIGHT that city on a hill that God wants us to be. We ought to be supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ and get to know someones HEART behind what they do before we judge them. God is the judge and jury. We are not. Get past the "music" people and start LISTENING to the lyrics. There is a big difference between HEARING and LISTENING! Music without lyrics is just that. Music. And you cannot tell whether it is Christian, faith based or secular w/o lyrics. My prayer all people, including myself, STOP PUTTING GOD, CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT in a BOX!!!! STOP telling God what he is and who He is and let God be God!!!!! And let God work through whom and what HE WILL, after all the Word says, "Let MY (GOD"S) will be done!!!" NOT our will HIS!!!! As you can tell I am very passionate about these things!!!

  • 2013-07-03T15:54:13

AMEN!!!! It doesn't have to have the names of God or Christ in it all over the place to be FAITH BASED!!!! We need bands like this to raise awareness and reach the youth and the young adults. God is trying to raise an army, His army and he specifically says in Him Word that it will be made up of this generation!!!!! After all, did not Jesus make the purposeful effort to reach the sinners on THEIR level? He was not afraid to touch the untouchable, the murderer, the tax collector, the adulterer, the demon possessed, the thief, and the harlots. He reached out to people with REAL problems, REAL pain and REAL suffering. And that is what this music and groups like this that are bold enough to take their gifts and truly use them for God's glory! I am a mom of two teens and listen to Skillet, Disciple, Red, Fireflight, Flyleaf and other really rockin faith based musicians as well as lots of different styles of Praise and Worship music!!!! May the Lord bless what these guys are doing. They are winning souls for Christ!

  • 2013-06-28T14:23:38

Sorry, too Heavy metal for this Praise and Worship Girl. I play guitar, and I would not be interested in learning how to play my guitar to (not to mention sing) this type of Praise music. I like "Rock and Roll" and used to play and sing Rock and Roll in a band in my teens and 20's, that was the 60's and 70's. We played music by bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, James Taylor, etc.... no Heavy Metal at all. I play in Praise and Worship Bands that Praise Our Lord in a manner that both the young and old can relate to. Plus, the congregation can sing along. I commend this band for playing this king of music for God! It is easy to see that God gave them all a Gift to use for Him. There are young people out there who would and will love it and the Band. As a parent of 3 grown children, when they were teens, I would have preferred this music (because it Celebrates our Lord) to the music they did listen too. They are now all over 25, and their taste's in music have mellowed, (thane you Jesus) so at this point in their lives I don't think they would listen to Skillet, but I really can't be sure. So....As Sherry Turnbulll Leyte said, "Honestly I don't know why Christians tear each other down all the time, how arrogant are we to think that the music we like or consider Christian is the only music that pleases our God! These artists live a life for God, and feel that God has given them these songs and the music. How dare we criticize and say that it's not Christian! My God created this wonderful world all full of different cultures so I am sure He also loves each and every kind of music as much as He loves each and every kind of person! Christians need to open their minds to God and allow ourselves to experience the joy of living a free life, free to praise God in many ways. I personally love many different kinds of music depending on my mood, I love to rock it to skillet TFK and tobymac and sometimes I like to simply worship to David Crowder, Kari Jobe or Chris Tomlin. I appreciate all of God's music! That's my little say on it all!" I agree, thanks Sherry, I couldn't have said it better. Keep up the Great Work for Our Lord "Skillet." Michelle Masters Ainsley.

  • 2013-06-26T06:00:34

Great song! Weird video

  • 2013-06-20T19:50:10

I love Skillet they always have a good message to there songs so what if they are rocky the point about Christian music also is that we can relate to it.. it has a good beat it talks about how they are sick of this hate this depression that is in the world that doesn't mean they aren't following God. just because they look like they could be bad does not mean anything God does not look at our looks he looks at our hearts so before you judge someone by there type of music of how there songs are. LOOK AT THERE HEARTS! watch one of there Concerts or read a bio about them. I have met skillet once and they are very very nice people. The message is important. and it is a good message.I am only saying this because I use to be like this at one point too. and this is NOT SATAN MUSIC! if this was demon stuff you would know it.. I have heard it before and this is not it my boyfriend is in a Christian Rock band and they play some really good stuff. and it isn't always about God but it is about how God brings them though this.. not only can a song be about worship but it can be about anything God has done for you a Testimony a hard time things around you. etc.. CHRISTIAN IS POSITIVE UPLIFTING MUSIC! it uplifts you that is what it is about.. see. we relate to people to ARtist to singers because they have gone though what we gone though as Christians we all struggle make mistakes and fall we are human after all. so please next to before you say it is demon music.. just because it doesn't Talk about God in every senescence does not mean anything.

  • 2013-06-18T22:47:59

Sick of it! Raise your hands, Get rid of it! While there's a fighting chance. Are you over it? Bored to death? Have you had enough regret? Take a stand, raise your hands... _________________________________ This song is all about God, how can you people not see it? Sick of it! (chasing things of this world) Get rid of it! (SIN) While there's a fighting chance. (Before you die in your sin) Take a stand, raise your hands...(raise your hands and surrender to the will of GOD) I used to listen to Skillet before I was a believer and they are a big part of why I LOVE Christian music and why I became a Christian. Skillet is often on mainstream radio stations and I think that is a good thing. People like me hear it and they read about the band members and they find out that they are Christian, look at the lyrics on a deeper level and then understand what they're really saying.

  • 2013-06-17T20:03:16

Agreed. They may want to bring others to Jesus Christ but blend toooooo much with the world. The spiritual vibes I got from this video were very weird and not good ones. Too many people are being deceived...u know Satan was the head music angel in Heaven until he got kicked out..I am not claiming Skillet is used by the devil....but Satan knows how to use ppl through music. And to me, the music video looked like some dark force motivating all those people.....and the words on their forehead reminded me of the mark of the beast...I rlly hate to judge and put titles on ppl but I do believe I need to say this....maybe they claim to be Christian but I don't think they worship the God I follow and serve....perhaps the Illuminati got a hold of them...I rlly don't know. God bless you guys!

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