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Spiritual Struggles
When you struggle spiritually, how do you react?

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You are Far More Precious than Jewels



Bullied Girl Voted the Ugliest on the Internet Gives an AMAZING, Godly Speech



  • 2015-10-17T07:26:23

thank you Lizzie.. for your speech.. Yes, thank you God and not why to God.. also its a blessing and not a curse.. faith.. family.. and friends... you've giving me hope..

  • 2015-08-31T17:07:44

And there was no beauty to behold him, meaning Jesus blood alone has beautified a world beyond any comprehension enabling us to take on the heart of God, light (spiritual maturity) hath come, but mean love darkness (chaos), for their deeds are evil, thus Jesus admonish us to pray for them... be Jesus Christ the only blessed death, blessed, Apb, The RAM,

  • 2015-06-29T04:03:49

She's very beauty full inside and out. I only see beauty.

  • 2015-01-20T21:11:43

You are truly Blessed and a Beautiful woman inside and out they have no right trying to judge you for it clearly says in the Bible Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged And Then They Will Find Out Quick That The Lord God Is The Only True Judge and No Other <3 You Just Keep Giving Your Speeches and show them that you can do anything you want too then they will know they are so wrong in their Judging You keep on Keeping On Do What you Do Best and never mind them for they are blind and dumb so and Erin Said it Best we are Souls With Bodies Not Bodies With Souls no way are they anything but idiots ! So ignore them and Remember you are a beautiful Woman Ok so enjoy Your Life <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 & God Bless You <3 <3 <3 <3

  • 2014-06-07T02:27:15

You Are Such A Beautiful Young Lady ♥ Don't Worry About What Other Humans Say. We Are Really Cruel &&nd Your The Most Positive Lady ♥ Keep Your Head Up &ndd That's Right God Love's You &&nd You Are His Daughter He Thinks Your So Beautiful Your Worth More Then Gold. ♥ Your So Presious To God &&nd Your Family. When We Come Home To Our Savior It Will Be A Soul Not A Human Body As We Are On Earth ♥ &&nd Our Image On Earth Means Nothing But When We Are Home There's No More Pain No More Popularness It's Just Home You Keep It Up &&nd Know You Are Gorgeous && Don't Listen To Those People. God Love's You &&nd I Do Too.♥ Your Perfect The Way God Made You He Make's No Mistake's. ♥

  • 2014-05-11T18:29:31

dont cry no more young lady! this world is a cruel place we live in. and someday i hope people get a heart. thats whats wrong with this world today, no one has a heart! people are so worried about looks,and money that they dont even care about people dying, people with disabilities, homeless, etc...etc... etc.... i started to watch your speech and stopped halfway through because all i seen was a beautiful women, who spoke very well, and who seemed very strong willed! ENOUGH SAID! in my eyes for all those who feel different well lets just say GOD will judge you when its there time, i wasnt an angel when i was in school myself, but i didnt know any better at the time. and now lets just say my life has changed in a huge way. i grew up and realized i was a jerk and asked god to forgive me, and become a better person. now when i hear and see stuff like this it makes me wanna cry. but i dont because i realize that if just one person changes theres hope! thank you for being so amazing and putting your speech on here, hopefully you change the ignorance to positive all over!

  • 2014-01-31T01:53:23

I feel so horrible for not realizing what this young woman has just taught me about believing that I am the man he wanted me to be and he loves me for me alone. We are all perfectly imperfect. Thank you Lizzie!

  • 2014-01-11T03:28:58

We are going to look the same in heaven- absolutely radiant!!!!

  • 2014-01-04T20:34:45

I have seen so many of Lizzie's videos, and she is such a strong, beautiful woman. I'm so glad this world is finally opening up to more anti-bullying campaigns (or whatever the word is.Lol). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God made us all perfectly. There is no Worlds Ugliest Woman or Man. Lizzie, you are such an inspiration. :)

  • 2013-12-06T23:49:20

Lizzie every time I look at you, you get prettier and prettier! Those people who said to kill yourself they are filled with Devil's spirit,you are so beatiful and kind and strong. Don't let anyone, ANYONE tell you you are ugly or to kill yourself. I would not be able to do what you did. I am so proud of what you did! I would choose you over anyone (besides God or Jesus, ya kinda get me there) anyday! You have such inner beauty and inner strength and knowledge. I hope that you become the most succsefull person on the Earth!!! And who ever posted that video Imhope they end up living under a high way bridge and probably now they see you and think wow...She is so strong and is filled with God's love and strength. You are the greatest person ever!

  • 2013-11-11T18:45:30

your beautiful and you are such an inspiration and a blessing.. thank you for being a vessel for the Lord.. i too was voted ugliest and fattest in high school..

  • 2013-10-21T22:33:28

God is using you for a Special reason just like all of us.

  • 2013-10-10T23:14:44

May god bless u I pray XXX

  • 2013-10-10T23:13:28

You are simply God's beautiful creation! True beauty is not on how we look in front of a mirror or in front of other people. Our true beauty is our inner self... the one that God created in His own image. Lizzie, you are truly beautiful inside out! Your life and testimony is like a beauty titlist that you shine more than those whose beauty is purely outward beauty. God bless you more! Keep shining for the Lord!

  • 2013-10-10T22:51:36

AMAZING| when watching your video and hearing you speak i cried, i have had issues with self esteem im always asking why god, why me, i dont think i could ask him why again! when you were talking all i saw was beauty, thankyou so much for your inspiration, may god continue to bless you mightily godbless much love in christ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 2013-10-07T18:02:22

Don't stop what your doing, your testimony is amazing. Your VERY BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. Your very intelligent and I'd be PROUD to be your friend. May God bless you, through him.