Hilarious Little Boy Sneaks Food While Mommy Says Grace



  • 2014-03-23T04:18:31

I also thought the prayer was too drawn out. they were doing it to capture video. Not fair to kid!

  • 2013-11-17T09:11:37

Amazing Grace is the 1st hymn my piano students are learning. :-)

  • 2013-11-07T10:14:02

what do you know about discipline?? his still learning and his obviously trying his best (lol)..thanks buddy..shows our imperfection and that God still loves us no matter what.. what a beautiful family.

  • 2013-11-02T17:32:20

At least he is trying, he is a baby after all...

  • 2013-11-01T10:14:20

I meant God understands...typo error

  • 2013-11-01T10:13:32

God bless the child. He is trying his best to control himself... just did it in a very cute way. I believe God understand... and yes, He must be laughing too to the purity of the boy's heart.

  • 2013-09-07T02:32:29

Que gracioso. :)

  • 2013-09-03T05:17:25

As a grown man , There are is so much I wish I had had a more disciplined up bringing. Have trying break bad habits now :-0.

  • 2013-09-03T00:01:42

man was he hungry.

  • 2013-09-02T22:21:10

I doubt seriously that this had anything to do with discipline. This child is still learning He will be just fine.Some folks never pray- that is being undisciplined..

  • 2013-09-02T22:16:26

So cute! I am sure the LORD didn't mind. He may even have smiled at this.

  • 2013-09-02T19:12:07

hey learn this short prayer. IN Jesus name AMEN. it covers everything.

  • 2013-09-02T18:58:43

love it, maybe just hungry and praying at the same time.

  • 2013-09-02T18:28:48

Hey I sometimes feel like this little boy too so hungry sometimes too cute. LOL

  • 2013-09-02T17:41:39

This little guy wuz HUNGRY! I'm sure our Lord was laughing out loud, also!

  • 2013-09-02T17:06:45

It may be cute but it also show the undisciplined nature of American children. This is rampant.

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